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Chasing Sunsets with Tara Barlow

Tara Barlow is a 20-year-old entrepreneur from New Zealand. You may be familiar with her brand, The Sunset Chasers. When I first discovered it three years ago, I was intrigued by the colorful pictures on her feed and how positive I felt after viewing the content. I loved her message about positivity and how inspired I felt after scrolling through her account, so I wanted to reach out to her. Here's a bit more insight into the face of The Sunset Chasers, how she got started, and all about her plans for what's next.

MK: Hi Tara, please introduce yourself!
TB: Hi Miah! I am 20 years old and although I was born in South Africa, my family moved to New Zealand (NZ) when I was very young and that's where I grew up. Straight after high school, I packed up my life and moved to Canada for 2 years to work as a ski instructor in winter and outdoor guide during the Summer. I started The Sunset Chasers over in Canada about a year ago, and I am now back in NZ due to Corona. I recently sta…

Interviewing Pyrography Artist Lorry | Creative Youth Archive

When I first started this blog years ago, I was always passionate about finding teenagers and young adults to write about in my Creative Youth Archive. I've since interviewed 11 unique individuals from all over the world and today I'm interviewing one more, a pyrography and mandala artist, Lauren 'Lorry' Jones, from Australia. When Lorry first posted about her art, I was amazed by her talent as I had never seen anything like it, so of course, I had to interview her. 

Hello, Lorry. Can you tell us about you, what you create and why are you passionate about it? My name is Lauren Jones. I am a 26-year-old artist, creator and mother from Perth, Western Australia. I am the owner of a business calledThe Wandering Jones. I dabble in lots of art mediums but Pyrography and Mandala art are my specialties. Art is what makes me the happiest; I am constantly either doing art, thinking about art or watching other people do art. I have always been drawn to art since I was a kid! I stu…

7 Ways To Stay Positive During the COVID19 Lockdown

It almost feels like we're on a weird holiday but we don't know when it will end.  I've spent the past (almost) three weeks cooped up inside my dorm room in the Netherlands. The country has gone into lockdown mode, with citizens urged to stay indoors unless we have doctor's appointments or need to do grocery shopping. Classes have all moved online, with awkward video conferences and technical issues. We're all confused and uncertain, but it's a start as we all stay home and follow the rules. Being an introvert, I don't mind it too much however I have noticed I've been getting bored easily and even losing motivation to finish some tasks for the day. This is exactly why I decided to collab with fellow blogger Beth and create this list of tips to make quarantine a little more bearable.
1. Maintain a normal routine as much as you can

Staying in bed longer than I should feels good on the days that I need it, but if you're working from home it's import…