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Ice Caves, the Lindt Chocolate Factory and being 3,471m above sea level?!

  Traveling Adventures:  Austria & Switzerland  Salzburg x Jungfraujoch x Interlaken General Disclaimer: I've already written about my journey to Costa Rica. If you haven't read that and would like to, you can click here.  All of the photos and text are mine unless otherwise stated. Nothing mentioned has been sponsored and opinions on countries, products, places and purchases are all mine. 
                    Traveling Austria My family and I generally tend to travel a lot. It's partly because we're all very into exploring new places and also because of my father's work, which is the reason why we were lucky enough to move to The Netherlands. This was the first time that I'd ever been to Austria or Switzerland. We've always spoken about going since we'd done places like France, Italy, Germany, Belgium etc before, but this was something new. For a start, we decided to go in Winter because a) seeing snow is a very rare opportunity for us and b) it was s…

6 Ways to Get an A on Your Next Presentation!

Get An A on Your Next Presentation!

For those of you who struggle to give a presentation, here is key information to help the process run smoothly. Know that you've heard all of these before and it really all comes down to preparation and self confidence. 
Decide on a good topic. Unless the topic is given to you, make sure that you're interested in what you are speaking about. There's nothing more boring than hearing a presentation by someone that doesn't sound like they want to talk about their topic. If you're enthusiastic, chances are your grade will be higher because you'll be more motivated to work.
Do your research. Know your topic inside and out. Teachers and students alike generally have questions and you want to feel like you've done a good job by the time you've finished sharing your presentation. Make sure to include only the necessities such as a little bit of background information, and the who, what, why and where of your topic. 

Add …

A Letter to High School Freshmen

Dear High School Freshmen

Well done, your middle/primary school days are over and you are now officially a high school student! Now as a senior / soon to be graduate (and then one of you again as I head to university) I felt like you could use a lil help, so here's a couple of things to get you prepared for high school.

Firstly, don't get too excited about stationery shopping, you'll literally just use a pen. Actually no, you'll find a pen on the floor or on a desk that someone forgot about and use that. It's important to realize that actually having manners will get you further in life, so at least make an attempt to realize that if you're nice to your teachers, they'll let things slide, like coming late to class or your inevitable sass.

While we're on the topic of teachers,  keep in mind that your English teacher will  either be hella chill or Satan's offspring. There is no in between. If your English setwork requires you to read a play, try to make …

Back-to-School & Basic Bitches

      Preparing for Back-to-School & Dealing with Basic Bitches

Hello everyone!
For most of us, the summer is almost over and it is nearly time to head back to school. Now,  to make it a little bit more bearable, I've compiled a list of back to school tips that covers all bases from school supplies to life hacks for you to (try and) organize yourself for the school year!
Tip 1: School Supplies Make sure you have everything you need; nothing more & nothing less.

I find that a majority of us tend to go a little crazy when we go back to school shopping. Your wallet is working overtime and you know that you don't need to get a new backpack because you already have one that works perfectly fine, and that the cute planner you're buying is probably going to go to waste because you're going to forget to write in it. If your school uses textbooks, here's the basics of what you need: 
Highlighters - to highlight only key pointsPost Its - use these to write important inf…

Meeting Foreign Students, Getting Evacuated and Turning 18 in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica, Summer of 2015
Disclaimer: All photos posted were taken by the EPI Group, Dr. Markham or Chant.
For those of you who personally know me, you know that I travel a lot. I love the hype of going to new places, meeting interesting people, trying out local foods and just discovering a new culture. This summer, I visited Costa Rica. First,  let me backtrack a bit. I'm an IB ESS (Environmental Systems and Societies) student and my ESS teacher,, plans these trips once a year where a group of students sign up and go on a semi holiday, learning experience/culture experience kind of thing. Last year they visited South Africa, which is actually my home country. This year, I was lucky enough to get into the program and visit Costa Rica with a couple of other students, as well as two of my teachers.

Months of planning went into this trip and on the 28 of June we all met at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and got onto our plane to San José.

The main …