Tuesday, 25 August 2015

6 Ways to Get an A on Your Next Presentation!

          Get An A on Your Next Presentation!

For those of you who struggle to give a presentation, here is key information to help the process run smoothly. Know that you've heard all of these before and it really all comes down to preparation and self confidence. 

Decide on a good topic.
Unless the topic is given to you, make sure that you're interested in what you are speaking about. There's nothing more boring than hearing a presentation by someone that doesn't sound like they want to talk about their topic. If you're enthusiastic, chances are your grade will be higher because you'll be more motivated to work.

Do your research.
Know your topic inside and out. Teachers and students alike generally have questions and you want to feel like you've done a good job by the time you've finished sharing your presentation. Make sure to include only the necessities such as a little bit of background information, and the who, what, why and where of your topic. 

Add visuals.
Again, make the presentation interesting by  literally giving the audience something to look forward to. These can come in various forms such as PowerPoints with little to no text so that the audience actually pays attention to you, photographs of what you're explaining, diagrams, short videos etc. 

Interact with your audience.
If you can, make sure to tell a joke that relates to your topic. It's an easy ice breaker and will have people listening to your presentation the whole time. Be sure to ask your audience a couple of questions and then give the correct answer later. This way the presentation become more dynamic and it's a sneaky way for you to get a break from talking the whole time!

Know that appearance matters
I personally hate school dress codes, but I do realize that appearance does in fact play a role in your grade. If you wear school uniform, you're perfectly fine as long as your uniform is neat and your hair is out of your face. If you're like me and your school doesn't require you to wear a uniform, dress appropriately. Now, I don't mean suit up or wear a prom dress. Just don't reveal too much, keep your hair out of your face and for the love of God, do not chew gum.

Have a time limit
Unless you are asked to speak for x amount of time, keep your presentation short, interesting and packed with information. If need be, practice in front of friends or family and pick up where they start to lose interest. Speak slowly and clearly and be sure to explain something important if you are going to repeat the word again in your presentation. 

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