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Back-to-School & Basic Bitches

      Preparing for Back-to-School & Dealing with Basic Bitches

Hello everyone!

For most of us, the summer is almost over and it is nearly time to head back to school. Now,  to make it a little bit more bearable, I've compiled a list of back to school tips that covers all bases from school supplies to life hacks for you to (try and) organize yourself for the school year!

Tip 1: School Supplies
Make sure you have everything you need; nothing more & nothing less.

An overview of what I use every day for school.
Left to right: Blue tartan pencil case, highlighters, Mac Book Air, Post it notes,
Mini highlighters, protractor, Quad book, ruler,
flash cards, pencil, pen, calculator.

I find that a majority of us tend to go a little crazy when we go back to school shopping. Your wallet is working overtime and you know that you don't need to get a new backpack because you already have one that works perfectly fine, and that the cute planner you're buying is probably going to go to waste because you're going to forget to write in it. If your school uses textbooks, here's the basics of what you need: 

  • Highlighters - to highlight only key points
    Highlighters are useful especially
    colour coding for different subjects;
    makes remembering important info a
    lot easier.
  • Post Its - use these to write important information on for book reports or case studies.
  • Exam Pads - to take notes while your teacher is talking. These are super handy to review later!
  • Flashcard Notes - to write key points on for your presentations
  • 1 binder  - make sure it's got enough space for handouts from all of your classes
  • Other stationary - rulers, erasers, etc
  • A good calculator - best to buy a proper calculator that'll work and help you through all four years of high school!
  • A Quad book - You're only going to need two for the whole of your high school career. Trust me.
  • Most importantly, don't buy anything you won't need.

Tip 2:  Plan Ahead 
Organize yourself, so that the stress throughout the year isn't caused by you not knowing what you're doing 

  • If an agenda doesn't work for you, skip it - Rather buy a calendar or if you want to DIY it, you can get a free printable on tumblr or Pinterest which you can customize!
  • Make a study schedule - this really helps me stay on track. It doesn't have to be super detailed but it helps to outline the basics so you know what you need to do.
  • Prioritize - Make a list of goals you hope to achieve for the school year so you feel motivated to do your best. This is especially important if you're a freshman or a senior as both of these years will have a huge outcome on your future/work ethic.
  • Review your time table / school schedule - it helps to keep an extra copy in your locker (if you have one) or at least in your bag. That way you always know what class you have so you'll be ready for it!

Tip 3:  Make sure your school outfits somewhat match the dress code
if you're a girl and need some inspiration, click here
I'm not here to tell you what to wear. You're your own person, however, take these into consideration:
  • Make sure that nothing is too revealing - if you're wearing shorts that reveal your butt cheeks, you're doing it wrong. 
  • Try to avoid culturally inappropriate shirts/dirty graphic shirts - just no, it's rude and offensive. Someone else's religion or gender is not a punchline for a 'joke'.
  • Find loopholes - if your school doesn't allow girls to wear crop tops, balance it out with high waisted skinny jeans or a skater / maxi skirt. 
    • If you go to a  school that makes you cut your hair, chances are its just because your face is covered or its touching your collar. Simple solution: Find a style that keeps it out of your face and get it trimmed. 
    • Bonus Tip: Ask your hairdresser for a 'dusting', meaning that only 1/2 a cm is trimmed off so you basically get to keep your length.
    There are always ways to work around dress codes. 
Tip 4: Dealing with basic bitches
We've all known a basic bitch or two. Spoiler alert: They're not always female. Know that you will have numerous encounters with people who think they are better than you because of how many people they've dated, what their parents do, someone that acts like they're your friend (but who's  really only there to benefit themselves), someone who constantly complains about the smallest of things and the most basic bitch trait: someone who cannot seem to mind their own business.

Basic bitches exist everywhere. Sometimes they're lone wolves, other times they travel in a pack.  
  • Know that if they do travel in a pack, it's basically their weakness because they get hella uncomfortable without friends as they rely on their group identity to carry them through high school.
  • Make sure to choose your friends wisely. You don't want to be that person who thinks they have a lot of friends and it turns out that no one in the group is really there for you.
  • Rumors often have some kind of truth to them. With that said, do not believe everything that you hear because it's most likely not entirely true. The girl/guy who everyone considers to be basic could perhaps be your best friend.  
  • Don't let their negativity influence you. Self explanatory.
  • Basic bitches are not worth my time. And they definitely shouldn't be worth yours, either.

Tip 5:  Life Hacks for easier mornings &  school days
  • Get everything ready the night before - honestly guys, this makes things SO much easier. I usually pack my bag and set my clothes the night before. It saves time in the morning.
  • Wake up on time - set your alarm clock fifteen minutes before, just don't fall asleep again! 
  • Always know what class you have next - make your lock screen your class schedule for the first few weeks!
  • Colour code your textbooks - so much easier to know which one to grab!
  • Find websites that help you with homework
    • - calculates every math question you'd ever need. Make sure you understand it!
    • - another website that calculates math problems with a step-by-step explanation. 
    • - this is a great site to use when you need to cite your sources for essays!
    • - definitely a big help for those of you who need assistance in areas of language / grammar. 

I hope this was a big help to those of you who need it. Enjoy the last bit of summer!

Until next time, 

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