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Review: Victoria's Secret 'Love Spell' Collection!

'Love Spell' Body Set by Victoria's Secret

   Disclaimer: All opinions, purchases* , products and photos are my own unless otherwise stated.
                                          This body set was a birthday gift from a friend.*

Today's post is all about one of my favourite products from Victoria's Secret (VS). I use this body set religiously as I love the scent and how soft my skin feels. All three products work great separately, but for a scent that is super long-lasting, I'd recommend using all three products together. Keep in mind that each product's scent is already very strong on its own, so using all three together may be overwhelming. My travel collection is 125ml while the other is 250ml.
                                            'Love Spell' Body Mist 
Left: Normal size (250ml)
Right: Travel size in (125ml)
The Product: I generally love using body mists and this one is no exception. It is light, refreshing and contains traces of Aloe Vera and Chamomile. This incredible body mist smells like cherry blossom and peach (as does the whole collection). As usual, VS has added a touch of sexiness to it because although the body mist has a sweet scent, there is also a hint of spice. It smells fruity and is very refreshing. On its own, it has a great staying power. A suggestion would be to spray it on wrists, behind ears and inside elbows (like you would a perfume). What I love about these products are that, because they're travel sized, they're easy to take with you and the packaging is gorgeous. Sets are generally also more affordable.
The Packaging: The body mist comes in a sturdy plastic purple bottle with a gold lid, clear applicator and a gold label.

                         'Love Spell' Travel Sized Body Wash
Love Spell Body Wash (125ml)
The Product: I apply this using a loofah and then I lather it. Once in contact with water, this body wash becomes extremely soapy which I personally love as it gives me the feeling of being squeaky clean. An added bonus is that your skin feels incredibly hydrated after your shower/bath.
The Packaging: The body wash comes in a dark purple plastic bottle which contains 125ml of the product. It also has the gold label and lid like the body mist. I love the packaging as I think it's super cute and although it comes in a plastic bottle it doesn't look inexpensive.

                                'Love Spell' Body Lotion
Left: Normal size (250ml)
Right: Travel (125ml)
The Product: Whenever I use this body lotion, I use it after the body wash and sometimes avoid using the body mist along with it as it can become overwhelming. The actual product is incredibly hydrating and leaves my skin silky smooth. The skin absorbs it quickly and the body lotion contains nourishing ingredients such as Aloe Vera and extracts of oat and grapeseed.
The Packaging: Like the body wash and lotion, the packaging is also in a sturdy plastic bottle. This one is a sort of white-purple ombre effect and has purple flowers on the front that match the rest of the containers.

               The Travel Size Collection  
Contents of the bag.
Left to right: Body mist, body lotion and body wash, all in the scent 'Love Spell'

Along with the Victoria's Secret store bag, it also came with a cheetah print makeup bag which I love! I'm not a big fan of animal print but I love the gold lettering of Victoria's Secret's name in front of the bag. 

Victoria's Secret Travel Size Collection (125ml) and medium sized makeup bag

Another thing that I love about this bag is the studs on the zipper. It's extra detailing that makes the makeup bag look prettier. 

I've always loved Victoria's Secret and am currently building my skincare and beauty collection, so make sure to stay tuned for a whole bunch of reviews and hauls. 

                                                                    Until next time, 


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