Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Why Every Guy Should Have A Female Best Friend

Because it is possible for guys and girls to really just be friends.

                                              1. She can help you understand women better 

Just kidding. Women don't even understand women. However, she can offer helpful advice and give you insight on how women talk to each other when guys aren't around.  Having that platonic female friend is also great because she can give you tips and tricks on how women like to be treated, since we all know that men treat women differently than they treat other men.  Naturally, everyone is different and that doesn't mean you need to change to impress someone if they can't accept you for who you are. 

 2. She can introduce you to her single friends and help you check out potential girlfriends as well as give you her opinion about girls who could be messing with you.

Let's be honest. Girls usually appear hotter and more intimidating when they're in a large group. They know it and you know it too because that's exactly how you feel when you're with your boys. It all comes down to strength in numbers. However, when you take away those large groups and have your friend introduce you to one of her friends, you can get to know them on a one-on-one basis which is heaps better than trying to talk to her with her group of girlfriends around. Another benefit is that if you tell a new girl friend about your female best friend, you'll see whether or not they can handle it without getting jealous or insecure. If your new girl can't handle it, she's not girlfriend material.

                3. She can be your  go-to date so that you don't end up taking a pineapple
 Going as just friends is great and there are no feelings attached when you're dancing or getting drinks with other friends. It's good to know you have a friend who can be your plus one to events. You'll already look good together and neither of you will get mad if the other decides to Netflix and chill with someone else.

4. She can give you advice and open up a platform for you to be vulnerable without you feeling like you're getting judged for it (like your guy friends may do without even realizing)

Girls generally talk all the time. That's part of the reason why it's nice to talk to them because usually they come up with conversation topics. This comes in handy when you need advice as your best friend can give you advice on anything; fashion, girls and anything else as she'll always be wanting to share her opinion. Any women you date is going to want you to show a bit of vulnerability. Your girl best friend can be a lifesaver as just talking to her will teach you how to let your guard down and teach you to be okay with doing so at the same time. 

            5. Being friends with her will teach you how to really just be friends with a girl. 

Sure, feelings may get involved. However, it's important to know how to be friends with a girl because its totally different than having a guy friend. She may be your best friend, but she doesn't always want to be treated like a guy.  Although you two may laugh at dirty jokes together and hang out in a way that couples do without the emotions, as long as neither of you are objectifying the other then it's all great. After all, it's perfectly okay to appreciate being in the presence of a gorgeous girl, even if she is your best friend. 

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