Thursday, 1 October 2015

September Favourites + Blog Announcement!

September Favourites!
It is finally Autumn/Fall here in the Netherlands and I am so excited as autumn is my favourite season. I absolutely love autumn colours, candle scents, Starbucks flavours and of course the new clothing and makeup collections. Today I'll be posting all about my favourite products and items which I used during September. As always, all purchases, opinions and products are mine.

1. Hema Cosmetic Brush Cleaner
Hema Cosmetic Brush Cleaner
I'm not usually one for brush cleaners. A little life hack I use is usually just to clean my makeup brushes with a teaspoon of baking soda, a tablespoon of baby shampoo and two tablespoons of water until it forms a paste. It makes my brushes soft, clean and good as new. I've heard great things about the MAC Brush Cleanser and before I tried that out, I wanted to go for a drugstore product. I found this gem in the local Hema at the Alexandrium Mall in Rotterdam. My mom actually told me about it and ever since I've been repurchasing it. This one is great for traveling and it lasts me a while. It's super affordable at only  € 4,50. It has a high alcohol percentage and creates soapy little suds when in contact with water. This is something that I personally love as it makes me feel like my makeup brushes are super clean.

  2. Catrice Nail Polish in 'The Monkey Gets Funky'

This nail polish has been a firm favourite for autumn. It's a gorgeous red-brown colour that I think suits my skin tone well. I definitely love that it's so long-lasting and doesn't chip easily. It is a super classy colour and I love that it has hints of rose gold in sunlight! The formula is perfect and I only needed a coat and a top coat for the look. You can definitely see the little gold specks in the bottle. When I purchased this, it was on sale for € 1,50 though I believe the original price is around 2,50 - 3,50.

          3. Catrice Defining Blush in '060: Rosewood Forest'

I love this blush - it's a light powder blush which adds just a pop of colour. It's a plum, muted berry shade perfect for autumn and has a perfect, natural finish. I purchased it for €4 and a little goes a long way with this product - although it's light, it's also very pigmented. It is perfect for every skin tone and if you're very fair skinned, just the slightest amount will emphasize your cheeks. This is an all-time favourite blush and also an autumn staple. If you have purchased this blush before, let me know how you found it and if you'd purchase it again. 

4. 'Belong' by Celine Dion
To be completely honest, I was not always a fan of this perfume. At first I thought it was sickeningly sweet but the more I wore it as I didn't want to waste it, the more I started to like it. I use it after a shower before bed as I find it to be the perfect night time perfume. It's sweet, fruity and has hints of berries, pineapple and white flowers such as orchid and peonies. The bottle is simple and elegant; super plain see through hexagon with a silver lid. It's been personalized through Celine's name being engraved in the lid. This was purchased for 62.

4. Rimmel London Mascara by Kate Moss in '004 Jet Black'

Eye products are my favourite and when I received this gift from one of my friends, I fell in love. This mascara is one that I use religiously as it makes my lashes look super thick. It's definitely very volumizing and the shape of the brush allows for precise application. The actual product gets on each individual lash, allowing for fuller eyelashes and a slight curl. This product comes in four different colours. Mine is in black, but there are also purple, green and blue available. The packaging is just as gorgeous; a super classy metallic grey tube signed by Kate. 

               5. Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques

I love brushes by Real Techniques and I couldn't wait to purchase this one. This brush works like a dream. I purchased mine for €14,50 from Chique Cosmetics. The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush provides flawless foundation coverage. It is a dense brush with very soft bristles that buff liquid foundation into the skin. Speaking from personal experience, it is much better for medium - full coverage foundation. BB or CC Creams would be better applied with the Real Techniques Stippling Brush.

                       6. MUA Brow Defining Gel 
For those of you who have been following my blog for a while now, you know that this is one of my absolute favourite products to use. I love the subtle hint of colour it provides - it is subtle enough to shape your eyebrows but it also creates a contrast which I personally love. 

As stated before, it comes in three different shades; fair, medium and dark. Mine is in dark, which is a dark brown - almost black. What I really like about this product is that it doesn't make your eyebrows look cakey or drawn on. It's specifically designed to enhance their natural colour and for you to comb it into a shape. The wand is like a little spoolie and is great for use, even if the product has expired. You can just clean it and throw the tube away, but keep the actual brush.  This was only €2,50 and it is definitely a product that I'll repurchase. 

                7. Rimmel London Lipstick in '04 Rosetto'
I'm aware that I've mentioned this product before in my August favourites and for good reason! I'm still using it and I absolutely love the colour. It's quite bold and definitely has a gothic/vampy feel to it. Bold lashes or a very neutral eye is what I usually pair this lipstick with. According to the lipstick description, it can last up to eight hours. I can agree as it is very longlasting - and at times difficult to remove as it leaves a stain behind. Aside from the  rich, creamy formula, it is a super edgy makeup product and that's what I love about it.

 That's all for my September favourites. Look out for my next (and very requested) post about a look into my personal life. I recently ran a poll on my blog asking everyone what they'd like to see more of. Although more fashion posts were requested, a majority of you said you'd like to know more about my life in Holland.  It's a little "series" here on my blog which I'll be calling Weekend Shenanigans that will explore my life aside from school, work and family. This will be a weekly series where I'll post about my weekend every Sunday. 

Until Sunday,