Saturday, 21 November 2015

Weekend Shenanigans | Maastricht

My boyfriend and I went to Maastricht this weekend. We took the train from Station Alexander to Rotterdam Centraal and then all the way to Maastricht Centraal which is 197 kilometers away.  

 Station Alexander

Maastricht is a gorgeous town located in Limburg. It was super rainy when we visited and only 5 degrees celsius, but what else is new in Holland? The train journey felt pretty long. It was filled with locals and tourists alike. It's always weird for me to hear people speak English here in Europe, but only because I am constantly used to hearing mostly French and Dutch.

After we arrived at Maastricht Centraal, we pretty much wandered around for most of the day. It varied between rain and sunshine, but it was a wonderful day all the same. We explored many streets and stores in Maastricht, many of which were in the center of the city and close to the shopping mall while others were a bit more on the outskirts of the centrum. 

Maastricht Central Station
What I loved the most is that the city was already decorated for Christmas. Gold sparkly globes with lights woven  through them hung from the green Christmas garlands, all which were attached to the tall buildings. 

I noticed that in Maastricht, the roads are mostly cobblestone. Many of the buildings were either that old red-brick style or painted over in different shades of white, brown and peach. They had gorgeous decorations such as pot plants or pretty signs outside of stores and in the middle of the shopping streets. 

Something else that I observed was that everyone was constantly in a rush to go somewhere. Perhaps it was because it was raining, but the weather is like this pretty much all the time, so I didn't think it could really be the reason. No one really walked to take their time. Many walked with a purpose as if they had a specific place in their mind's eye that they had to get to. 

 Philippe and I were the opposite. We walked super slowly (partly because we had some trouble with our umbrella and partly because I'm short af so I couldn't really walk much faster) We then went inside De Bijenkorf, which is essentially a shopping mall filled with different stores that are mostly high end. If you're reading this and you're from South Africa, think V&A waterfront in Cape Town or just Cavendish Square. It's a little bit similar to that. 
De Bijenkorf

 Apartment building
 Houses & boutiques in Maastricht

Aside from that, we just got coffee and continued exploring the city. It was a truly beautiful day and we had a lot of fun despite the gloomy weather. I hope you liked this little blog post about Maastricht. It truly is a gorgeous city. I imagine it to be much better looking in Summer or Spring, although even in Autumn it is still a stunner. 
Next weekend we'll be going to Amsterdam to meet up with one of my old friends, Kelsey, from Cape Town. She's currently traveling all over Europe at the moment, so stay tuned for another mini-travel post! 

Love, Miah 
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