Saturday, 19 December 2015

Holiday Makeup Look // Collab with ByFrancoise

Hello everyone! Today's post is a collab with the gorgeous Francoise, a Dutch Beauty Blogger. We decided to team up and create two holiday looks; Francoise's look focuses on the Red and Gold aspect of Christmas (featuring gold eyes and red lips) while mine focuses on a more neutral makeup look for a Holiday Dinner or even a Party. 

I've already done my face makeup and filled in sparse areas of my brows. To start this look off, I am going to begin with The Nudes Palette from Maybelline and take a light, shimmery brown as an all over lid colour. 

Next, I am going in with a gold eyeshadow from Ralo Cosmetics in the shade '22 Gold' on the centre of my lid to create somewhat of a halo effect. 

I am then going to apply the a matte brown colour using my Revlon eyeshadow brush, into my crease as a transition shade and outer v. 

To add a bit of definition and highlight underneath my browbone, I am using this gorgeous cream-pink shade.

This will help to define my eyes as well as create more depth. To finish off the eye look, I am using an all-time favourite mascara from Rimmel in the shade '004 Jet Black' from the Kate Moss collection. 

                    The finished eye look looks like this:

Moving onto face, I am using my second main product for this look and that is the Blush & Contour Palette from Makeup Revolution and taking this gorgeous champagne highlighter and applying that on the top of my cheekbones using a Real Techniques brush. 

I love this palette as it just helps to create a gorgeous glow on the skin as well as add a bit of warmth to my face. Lastly, I am going to use this gorgeous nude plushglass in the shade 'Big Baby' from M.A.C Cosmetics.

I like to apply it just using the applicator and starting from the inside and working my way outwards to ensure maximum coverage. What I love about this product is that even though it has a gloss-like texture, it is definitely less shiny and goopy. 

That is it for my finished makeup look! As I have already mentioned, this is a collab with Francoise, so please be sure to have a look at her blog! She is so friendly, and absolutely stunning!

Francoise's Blog:

Thanks so much for reading everyone. Be sure to stay updated by following the links below as I won't be posting for a bit because I will be traveling to South Africa tomorrow! However, there will definitely be vlogs, hauls and reviews when I return. 

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

I Love Christmas Tag | Miah Ke-leigh

Hello everyone!
 Today is another Tag Post. Once again, the stunning Lili from BeautyAndTheNature tagged me in one of her posts. Feel free to have a look at her blog; it's eco-friendly, simplistic living and has a ton of healthy/vegan recipes! 
I love Christmas. I love the atmosphere, the music, buying gifts, different flavored drinks and of course, gingerbread so I was so happy to be tagged! 

1. What is your favorite Christmas Color?
I really love the combination of white and silver! It's elegant, sparkly, and just makes my Christmas tree look really simple and glamorous at the same time.
2. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
The Polar Express, hands down.
3. What is your favorite Christmas song?
I used to hate this, but it's honestly so catchy. I am a huge fan of Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande. The music video is so cute!
4. The most anticipated Christmas Tradition?
For me, it is definitely baking gingerbread cookies with my gran or decorating the Christmas tree.
5. Is your tree fake or real?
6. PJs of Fancy Dress for Christmas Eve?
It depends what my plans are. Usually fancy dress if I am going somewhere but when I come home, cute pajamas!
7. When do you open your presents - on the Christmas Eve or the Christmas Morning? 
It is a tradition in my family to go to Church in the evening, and then come home for champagne and unwrapping the gifts. I typically unwrap my gifts at about midnight. 
8. Do you believe in Santa? 
I used to!
9. What is your Christmas wish?
I never have Christmas wishes. 
10. Have you ever build a Gingerbread House?
Yes, but I suck at it. I get so distracted and eat candy along the way!
11. What is your Dream Christmas Destination? 
I really want to celebrate Christmas in Switzerland or New York City.
12. Do you like giving or receiving gifts better? 
Neither, I prefer shopping for gifts and then handing it out to people.

13. Can you name all of the Santa’s Reindeers? 
I only know Rudolph.

14. What is your favorite christmas meal or treat?
15. Are you a pro-present wrapper or you fail miserably? 
I fail miserably, so I always get it wrapped in-store. 
That's all for today's post! Thanks so much for reading! 
I tag: 

With love, 
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Monday, 14 December 2015

Makeup Revolution Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Hello everyone! Today I have a super exciting announcement! As some of you may know, I have been hosting a Makeup Revolution Giveaway here on my blog. The prize consist of three items; the Iconic 3 Palette, a lipstick in the shade 'Treat' and a Lip Lacquer of the winner's choice! 

I am very pleased to announce the winner is Sinead Kirby, from South Africa! Sinead completed all the steps to enter and her name was drawn using Rafflecopter. Sinead chose her lip lacquer in the shade 'Keep Crying For You' which is a gorgeous pink colour. 
Thank you all so much for entering. Don't worry about not winning, I have loads more giveaways in store!

*I won't be posting much from 20 December to 12 January as I will be in South Africa and traveling a lot! You can stay up to date by subscribing/following my social media, linked down below. 

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Beauty Blogger Tag!

This Or That?
  • Eyeshadow or Eyeliner? Definitely eyeshadow, I just prefer the variety of textures and colours they come in because I don't wear eyeliner that often and if I do, it's usually black.
  • Lipstick or lipgloss? Lipstick, definitely.
  • Blush or bronzer? I'm not a fan of blush, so I'm definitely going to go with a bronzer!
  • Strobing or contouring? Neither.
  • Liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner? If I had to choose, definitely liquid eyeliner as I feel like the wings one can create just looks 10 times better!

Drugstore Edition!
  • Favourite brand? My favourite drugstore brand would either have to be Catrice, Accessorize or Maybelline.
  • Favourite lip product? The Essence Lipstick in the shade 'Barely There'. It's been dubbed as the 'Kylie Jenner' lip product because the shade is so similar, but honestly I love it because Kathleen Lights recommended it on her Youtube Channel.
  • Favourite highlighter? I can't think of a favourite drugstore highlighter right now. I've only tried out the Essence Soo Glow one but it's not necessarily my favourite.
  • Favourite eye product? Definitely the Maybelline 'The Nudes' palette!
  • Favourite bronzer? I adore the Hard Candy So Baked bronzer in the shade 'Tiki'.

High End Edition!
  • Favourite brand? Urban Decay and MAC, hands down. Such gorgeous colours and a variety of textures!
  • Favourite product? The MAC Lipliner in 'Whirl'
  • Do you prefer high end over drugstore? No, I like both. Drugstore is nicer because you can get more for less and sometimes the quality is even better!
  • How do you feel about the Urban Decay Naked Palettes? I love the Naked palettes, but I do think they are a bit mainstream. UD has other gorgeous colours in their makeup brand but people usually just gravitate towards the palettes.
  • Favourite brow product? Laura Mercier Brow Powder

Random Questions!
  • No brows or no foundation? No foundation. I love the contrast between my eyebrows and skin.
  • Favourite Beauty Blogger or Youtuber? This is a tricky one. Probably KathleenLights or Nathalie Paris.
  • Favourite thing about makeup? The thin line between sweet and sultry.
  • If you had $1000 to spend on makeup, what would you buy first? The Naked Vault Collection.
  • Which beauty brand is your all time favourite? Accessorize, because of their gorgeous shades.

  • How old were you when you started wearing makeup? I believe I was 14 and in my last year of middle/primary school.
  • Who taught you to apply makeup? I kind of learnt the basics by watching other people (my aunt Connie and my mom) and later by watching Youtube Beauty channels.
  • Would you rather spend money on makeup than clothes? Oh, absolutely.
  • Where are you from and what is considered beautiful in your country? I am from South Africa but I live in Holland. In [Cape Town] South Africa, I feel like the natural, beachy look, is considered beautiful while here in Holland I think the urban, street style look with strong brows and highlighter is considered beautiful (regarding makeup).

I tagged all of these gorgeous ladies, so be sure to check out their blogs!

Love always, 


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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Get To Know Me | Miah Ke-leigh

Hello friends! Today I've decided to share another video with you - I know I write a lot of reviews, share my travel stories and do a few hauls and swatches on my blog, but this time I wanted you to get to know me a little bit better. My blog is nearly 2 years old and it's wonderful to have so much support from all over the world, so here's a bit about me that I'd like to share with you. Enjoy!


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