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I Love Christmas Tag | Miah Ke-leigh

Hello everyone!
 Today is another Tag Post. Once again, the stunning Lili from BeautyAndTheNature tagged me in one of her posts. Feel free to have a look at her blog; it's eco-friendly, simplistic living and has a ton of healthy/vegan recipes! 
I love Christmas. I love the atmosphere, the music, buying gifts, different flavored drinks and of course, gingerbread so I was so happy to be tagged! 

1. What is your favorite Christmas Color?
I really love the combination of white and silver! It's elegant, sparkly, and just makes my Christmas tree look really simple and glamorous at the same time.
2. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
The Polar Express, hands down.
3. What is your favorite Christmas song?
I used to hate this, but it's honestly so catchy. I am a huge fan of Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande. The music video is so cute!
4. The most anticipated Christmas Tradition?
For me, it is definitely baking gingerbread cookies with my gran or decorating the Christmas tree.
5. Is your tree fake or real?
6. PJs of Fancy Dress for Christmas Eve?
It depends what my plans are. Usually fancy dress if I am going somewhere but when I come home, cute pajamas!
7. When do you open your presents - on the Christmas Eve or the Christmas Morning? 
It is a tradition in my family to go to Church in the evening, and then come home for champagne and unwrapping the gifts. I typically unwrap my gifts at about midnight. 
8. Do you believe in Santa? 
I used to!
9. What is your Christmas wish?
I never have Christmas wishes. 
10. Have you ever build a Gingerbread House?
Yes, but I suck at it. I get so distracted and eat candy along the way!
11. What is your Dream Christmas Destination? 
I really want to celebrate Christmas in Switzerland or New York City.
12. Do you like giving or receiving gifts better? 
Neither, I prefer shopping for gifts and then handing it out to people.

13. Can you name all of the Santa’s Reindeers? 
I only know Rudolph.

14. What is your favorite christmas meal or treat?
15. Are you a pro-present wrapper or you fail miserably? 
I fail miserably, so I always get it wrapped in-store. 
That's all for today's post! Thanks so much for reading! 
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