Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Review: LA Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Glosses

Welcome back to my blog everyone! Today's post is a review on four of LA Girl's Matte Flat Finish Pigment Glosses. Essentially, they are liquid lipsticks. This means that they apply like a gloss but they dry in a lipstick form.  So many beauty bloggers have hyped about LA Girl, especially the LA Girl Nudes Palette, so I was incredibly curious to learn more about this brand. Since I already have a lot of neutral palettes, I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and lean towards lip products.

 I was pleasantly surprised when I swatched a few colours in the store and they stayed on my hand the whole day! (I tend to do that before I purchase a product as I prefer to 'test' them out like that before buying the product as I truly believe in the "quality is better than quantity'' statement) When I noticed how pigmented and long-lasting they were, I headed back and purchased four products! I found all four of these colours to dry very quickly, however I am not a fan of the applicator as I prefer it to be angled for precise application. 

The first colour I decided to pick up is a light coral/brown colour in the shade 'Fleur'. The second product I purchased is a dark pink Pigment Gloss in the shade 'Bazaar'. As you can see this one is quite pink, a colour I usually avoid, but I love this one! I think that this colour is especially pretty to wear in the summertime. The next gloss is a fire-engine colour in the shade 'Frisky.' This is perfect for that bold statement which I know many people like to make. If you're like me and like a red lip that is long lasting, this is the product for you. Lastly, I bought a dark purple Pigment Gloss in the shade 'Rebel.' This one is a bit more up my alley as I have really been loving a dark lip lately. It's gorgeous for fall and winter. This is my second favourite shade ('Fleur' being my favourite) because it's quite edgy and almost vampy.

I am honestly so impressed with the quality and packaging of the products. They haven't cracked or chipped even when I eat or drink, nor do my lips feel dry after I use them and the fact that these are liquid lipsticks mean that you wouldn't need to reapply or even do any touchups! The only cons I can think of are a) as mentioned before, the applicator and b) the fact that they can be difficult to remove, especially the red/pink shades! However, since they are made to be long-lasting, I can live with that and I would still definitely recommend these products to anyone who wants to try out a liquid lipstick. They don't smudge or stain easily. Aside from the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks, the LA Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Glosses are honestly my favourite.  Let me know if you've tried out any of LA Girl's products, and which are your favourite liquid lipsticks to use!

- Miah

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  1. These look amazing! Fleur and Rebel are definitely colors I personally would wear!

  2. The consistency is so smooth too! Fleur is my favourite and I think it's perfect for every skin tone!

  3. These look lovely. I haven't seen LA girl in Dubai but when I visit the UK or ZA then I will definitely be buying these. I love ALL the colours.

    1. They're wonderful! Thank you for the lovely comment.