Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Review: Stila Baked Trio Eyeshadow in 'Bronze Glow'

Welcome back to my blog everyone! As you may have seen in my collective beauty haulI purchased this gorgeous product, the Stila Baked Trio Eyeshadow in the shade 'Bronze Glow' and figured I'd do a little review.

First off, left me just say how cute this packaging is!

In the one that I have, it comes in a brown cardboard-like packaging but it is now also available in an aluminum compact. There is a little plastic disc that it was placed in to protect the eyeshadow from breaking. I would suggest leaving the disc on for obvious reasons.

This eyeshadow has three colours that range from light to dark and can be applied wet or dry. Although I am not usually a fan of eyeshadows with a lot of shimmer, but I like the variation in neutrals because as you all know, I love neutral eyeshadows! The result is sheer and the website describes it as ''...bright and boasts a high pearl content for gorgeous sheer shimmer. The trio features three different shades for use; the lightest as a base, medium for crease and darkest to line lashes" (Keep in mind that these are just suggestions, so feel free to use them however you want.) The eyeshadow itself is very long-lasting and the pigmentation is excellent. Definitely 10/10 in my opinion.

If you'd like a tutorial/how-to using this product, I'll happily post one. 

Let me know if you'd purchase this eyeshadow. Until next time!

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Monday, 22 February 2016

I Don't Wear Makeup To Impress You | Collab with Ella Houghton

I started wearing makeup when I was around 13 years old. It was basically the birth of Avril Lavigne's music; you know, where everyone wore too much eyeliner, ties as belts, chipped black nail polish and pretended like they were in the 'Skater Boy' music video. Makeup, at that age, was something I (and many others) did to fit in. Something to prove that you were 'getting older'. The transition stage from being a child to a teenager. 

15 was the year I discovered how much I actually liked makeup. I was always interested in it, but now it was more of a hobby than it was a trend. It was also the year that girls in my school were getting a lot of backlash for wearing makeup or for even expressing interest in it. It was almost as if wearing makeup meant you were self-centered or unintelligent. That was three years ago and at least some things have changed. 

For one, people have become a bit more open minded regarding the reason as to why people like to wear makeup. You see, society has this mentality that people wear makeup to impress others

Yes, you can wear makeup to look 'put together', (if thats how you wish to describe it) or to enhance your natural features - but wearing makeup can also be a confidence boost.  


I think there's a certain security in knowing you look good. Just like wearing makeup can be a confidence boost, not wearing makeup can be too. [This is not a makeup vs no makeup post. I participate in both and I respect people who do neither.My point is, people find just as much security in wearing makeup, as they do in not wearing makeup - there are tons of people who are intimidated by it and therefore never experiment with it.  

Wearing makeup is a choice and people who do wear it, wear it for themselves. Beauty bloggers for example, or at least the ones that I know, like sharing their hobbies and talent with others. Others do it because they want to conceal something or to express themselves. 

If it makes them happy, who are you to tell them they can't do that?

It's the same with how you choose to dress. You do it for you, not for anyone else. For me, wearing makeup is more about the time I get to spend on myself than anything else. I like wearing makeup, but I also like not wearing makeup.  Either way, if I want to wear highlighter that's glowing so much that your future is reflecting off of it, then damn straight I will.  

After all, I do not wear makeup to impress you

Love always, 

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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Top 5 Lip Products | Collab with Veena from MakeUp World by Veena

Hello everybody! I am doing a lovely little collab with the gorgeous Veena from MakeUp World by Veena. Here are my Top 5 lip products, drugstore and high end, from lip liners to liquid lipsticks! 

I know there are 6 products - this is explained later in the post!

The first product I have is this stunning lipstick from Essence in the shade 'Barely There'.  

This is my go-to everyday lipstick. It's a gorgeous, pigmented lipstick that lasts up to 7 hours.  I love that it is moisturizing without drying my lips out.

The second lip product is the Urban Decay Ultra Nourishing lipgloss in 'Sesso'. 

This was originally in the Naked On The Run palette that I bought a few months back. I love using this product - it's super creamy and very luxurious. It feels incredibly light and gives a slight plumping effect. 

The third product is a lipliner from Catrice in the shade Holly Rose Wood.

 I love, love, love this product and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is just starting out with lipliner. This is super long lasting and the perfect lip colour for every day. It also looks great when paired with a bold eye. 

The fourth product is the MAC Plushglass in 'Big Baby'. 

You all know how much I love my neutrals and this is great for those of you who love plushglasses. I love the plumping effect it gives my lips, as well as how it soothes out the little lines. The finish is very clean, non-sticky and it's such a lovely colour. 

The fifth and last lip product is this stunning lipstick from Wet n Wild in the shade 'Sand Storm'. 
It's my go to colour for colder months (especially Autumn) It's a brick-red colour that matches my skin tone perfectly but I am sure it'll suit any skin tone. 

Bonus Product
The LA Girl Cosmetics Flat Finish Gloss in 'Frisky'
Thought I'd include this one because it was highly requested after you all saw my Valentine's Day collab.

That's it for my Top 5 Lip Products! Let me know what yours are, and be sure to read Naveen's blog post too!

Left to right: Holly Rose Wood, Barely There, Sand Storm, Frisky, Big Baby, Sesso

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Veena is wearing Arcancil Paris Mat Hysteria 510.

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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Valentine's Makeup Look | Collab Post

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day, everyone! My blog post today is actually a collab with three wonderful bloggers. Some of you may remember the gorgeous Dutch beauty blogger Francoise (who I did a Holiday Collab with last December which you can read here) Rebecca, an insanely talented makeup artist from America,  and I have been mutuals on Instagram for a while, and she participated in my Beauty Blogger Tag a while back. The third blogger I am collaborating with is Lily, a vegan beauty blogger from Denmark. I did her Christmas Tag which you can read here

For my look today, I am starting out with the Wet n Wild Eyebrow Kit and lightly filling in any sparse areas in my eyebrows. 

 The next product I will be using is the Revlon ColourStay Foundation in the shade 'Toast' and using my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to buff that into my skin. 

Next, I am using the Essence Femme Fatale lipliner. I am just going to line my lips before filling it in with the LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in the shade 'Frisky'.  

For highlighter, I am using the Catrice Illuminating Highlighter Pen and applying that to my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, underneath my browbone, tip of my nose and cupid's bow. 

I used the blackest matte colour from my NYX Smokey Eyes Palette and used an angled brush from Revlon to apply it close to my lash-line.

Taking the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eyeliner, I'm going to start off by tight-lining my eyes before slightly smoking out the liner using my Revlon Angled Shadow Brush. I am then going to apply a few coats of the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara.

That is it for my finished makeup look. Be sure to look at the other girls involved in this collab - this is a collab you don't want to miss out on! 


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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Chit Chat #1: Universities, Leaving Student Council and Collaborating with Bloggers From All Over The World?!

Hello guys! Today is a bit of a relaxed/chit chat type post. I'm sure that you can tell what this post is all about, so let's just get straight into it.  

Things have been changing a lot in my personal life recently, so blogging is going to have to take a back seat for at least another two weeks. This is not entirely by choice, but I have to prioritize. If I could, I would blog all day long. It's a hobby that I am very passionate about and only want to do the best that I can.  I've been busy applying to universities and doing research about them for a while now so of course it's a bit stressful as there's a lot to get done - this is the same for school. I am currently a senior in high school and I'm an IB Diploma Candidate, so I'm hella busy right now. I will have a Valentine's Collab up by the end of this week though. 

I've been getting this question a lot and I'm just going to clear it up. Everyone's been asking me why I quit Student Council at school. Let me just say that it has absolutely nothing to do with my studies. I am more than capable of multi-tasking. I ran for Student Council President, I was voted into this position and I did my part. Perhaps I didn't run it the way that others wanted, but my intentions were always in the school's best interest - the school's, not Student Council. I'm not too sure why other authorities said I was quitting Student Council to focus on my schoolwork - perhaps it was a cover-up/keeping up a public appearances kind of thing to avoid drama or questions - but I've been getting SO many questions about it. I quit because I didn't enjoy it anymore. It wasn't making me happy - I felt like I was doing a majority of the work and that's not how it should be. Despite attempting to delegate or asking for suggestions on improvements, I barely ever got feedback and if I did, the actions were not always carried out. Let me make it very clear that I am not blaming anyone, but this is how I felt when I was in Student Council. The Vice President is now President and I'm sure Student Council is doing well, but in order for me to do well (mentally, physically and to an extent academically as I now have more free time) I had to do what made me happy. 

Third, I am indeed collaborating with bloggers from various parts of the world. I am so excited and don't want to give too much away, but this is going to be epic as some of them live in Europe so hopefully we'll get to do a meet-up!

Lastly, if you guys see stuff that you'd like me to do more of, tag me in it (@miahkeleigh) on Facebook or on Instagram! That's it for today, keep an eye out for my Valentine's Collab which will be up on Saturday! 

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Monday, 1 February 2016

January Favourites

Welcome back to my blog everyone! 
Today I am just posting about my absolute go-to beauty products for the month of January, so here they are in no particular order:

1. Revlon ColourStay Foundation in 'Toast'

This definitely makes my January favourites list because the colour matches my skin perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised with this product as I barely find a foundation with a medium coverage that matches my skin. The best thing about this product is that not only is it super long-lasting, but it also contains SPF! 

2. LA Girl Matte Flat Pigment Gloss in 'Fleur'

I love liquid lipsticks, so I was super excited to try this one out! I wrote a review about it which you can read here

3. Catrice Illuminating Highlighter Pen

This is my favourite drugstore highlighter! It gives my skin a gorgeous, healthy glow and a dewy finish which I have recently been loving these past few months. This is a great tool if you are someone who likes strobing. It also looks wonderful when paired with a blush and/or bronzer. I personally prefer wearing this alone, as it already makes so much of an impact. 

4. Makeup Revolution Blush & Contour Palette in 'Hot Spice'

Although this product states that it is a blush and contour palette, I found this wasn't the case. The contour colours are too red/pink for contouring, at least for me. However, I love this palette as it comes with two highlighters and I, despite not being a blush person, have been wearing blush now and then because I love how pigmented this palette is!

5. Urban Decay lipgloss in 'Sesso'

Originally from the Naked On The Run palette, it is a gorgeous light pink gloss that adds just the slightest bit of colour and shine to my lips. It has a creamy formula and it stays put all day long. It has a gorgeous rosy shine and a super minty smell, which makes your lips look a little bit bigger!

6. Victoria's Secret Body Mist in 'Strawberries & Champagne'

I got this as a Christmas gift and I am in love. I generally stay away from sweet smelling body mists but this one will probably be a repurchase as I quite like how refreshing the body mist is of course, the packaging is super cute!

That's all for my January favourites. Let me know if you've tried any of these products out and if you'd repurchase them!
P.S: Due to school and being a bit sick recently, I won't be posting as much. I will, however, have a Valentine's Collab coming up soon, (February 12th) so be sure to follow me on Social Media for more details! 
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- Miah
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