Monday, 21 March 2016

Go-To Neutral Eyeshadows! | Miah Ke-leigh

Hi everyone! As some of you may already have seen on my Instagram, I recently posted a picture of three of my favourite neutral eyeshadow palettes. Today I'll be writing a little review about each of them as they're my go-to eye products and perfect for day to night looks, whether you want to keep it simple or go full glam, I've got you covered!

The first eyeshadow is one that I have already blogged about. It is the Stila cosmetics baked trio eyeshadow in the shade 'Bronze Glow'. I mostly use this for nights out as it is incredibly pigmented and shimmery too. I tend to apply this with my fingers as a simple press to the eyelid provides enough colour and coverage. I personally find that using a brush a) mixes the colours together and b)takes up too much product. (That might just be the brush I am using, though) If you'd like a full on review, you can click here.

The second eyeshadow is a twelve colour palette by Maybelline. It is called the Nudes palette and features a variety of earthy tones, ranging from matte to shimmer formulas. 

Although I love the variety in formulas as well as the pigmentation, I find that the staying power isn't as great as I'd like them to be.  I wear this mostly during the day as opposed to a long night out. When I first got this palette, I was super excited as I've heard many great reviews. As said before, I love the variety of colours but so far it seems like only the shimmer ones last the whole day and although this is a current go-to palette, it would not be a repurchase because of that reason. 

The third and last eyeshadow is the 'Walking On Eggshells' trio by Wet n Wild. I love this palette. It's SO pigmented, lasts for ages and although it only has three colours, you can apply them in different ways to create new looks each time. 

My favourite colour would be the one that is recommended for the eyelid (I use it on my inner corners and sometimes as a highlight) as it is a gorgeous champagne colour that takes your makeup from casual to glam in 0.5 seconds flat. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to try neutral shadows, or for those of you who want to build up your makeup collections. It has a bit of a shimmer finish, but it's not glittery which I personally like. This palette is so good that I have two back-ups because Wet n Wild is not available in the Netherlands. 

Overall, these three eyeshadows are my most used/current favourite eyeshadow products to use as I love a neutral eye for day-time. Let  me know what your go-to palettes are and what kind of posts you'd like to see next. Thanks for reading! 

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Thursday, 17 March 2016

6 Easy Steps To Productive Studying!

Today's post is all about some ways on how you could make the most of your study sessions. The biggest thing you need to remember is that it all depends on what you do to focus! Without further or due, here are a couple of study tips you should consider trying out. 

1. Set Goals
Create a to-do list of things you need to do and the deadlines for when you need to get them done by. Display that list somewhere you'll see it every day - your fridge, digitally on your laptop, the screensaver for your phone. Whatever it may be, set goals and try your best to stick to them! 

2.  Prioritize
After you've created your to-do list, prioritize by getting all the difficult stuff done first, or the things that need to be done asap . That way, when you know it is out of the way you'll feel more relaxed because you've got the easy stuff left to do. 

3. Take Breaks
Take breaks after you've accomplished one task. Instead of completely just neglecting what's left to do, make sure you finish one task, take a break and then move on to the other. If necessary, set an alarm or a reminder on your phone. Don't procrastinate - you're only wasting time that you don't have.

4. Stay off electronics & Social Media
This is a tricky one for sure, because it's pretty difficult NOT to check your phone every 5 seconds, especially when you're doing something like studying. However, reward yourself during your breaks and after you've finished your work so you can properly 'celebrate' without constantly reminding yourself to finish a task.

5. Don't Multitask
Of course multi-tasking is a skill within itself. However, what you should really try to do is focus on one task at hand. That way, it can really be the best version of itself because all of your concentration and effort is going into the project/presentation/study notes you're creating. 

6. Improve Your Memory
Ways to improve your memory include playing brain games (memory tests, puzzles, Sudoku, word searches etc, whatever floats your boat) but, plot twist, set a time limit. It may sound a little lame, but it definitely helps strengthen your reflexes and you learn how to be more efficient as you become more aware of the time you actually have. That's the thing with deadlines, you need to meet them, but you often think you have more time than you actually do. 

Until next time,

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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Chit Chat #3: How To Spring Clean Your Life!

1. Engage in little acts of self indulgence, starting with your morning.  Eat a nutritious breakfast, drink a cup of coffee/tea or whatever floats your boat. Take a shower and appreciate it, instead of overthinking or planning out the rest of your day. Stop rushing and start living in the moment. Realize that this is a new day and it is yours. 

2. Take things as they come and do your best to be your best. 

3. Spend time with people. Without the interruption of a cellphone. The internet is always going to be there when you need it. The person you're hanging out with won't be. 

4. Eat healthier foods and aim to drink more water. Yes, I know, relatively straight forward but sometimes difficult to stick to. Begin by making healthier choices and the rest will follow. Learn how to set realistic goals that you'd like to achieve and make a plan to make that happen for you. 

5. Volunteer. 

6. Stop trying to impress other people. To put it bluntly, people don't really care what you're doing. Everyone is too busy worrying about themselves.

7. If you're unhappy with something, make an effort to change it. It really bugs me when people complain but make no effort to solve their problem. For example, you can't complain about being unfit if you don't do something to change it. This leads me to my next point which is...

...if you're unfit or would like to be in a better physical condition, try to change that by going for a walk and work yourself up to the point of running, to a pace that is best for you.  You can do it.

Tidy up your social media. Get rid of people you don't talk to, random adds, exes, whatever. Don't keep anyone in your life that doesn't make you happy or contribute to your growth as a person.

Get out of the house! Stop missing out on things because you think the weather is bad or because your friends are busy. Good things can still happen with bad weather and you don't always need your friends to have a good time. If you're worried about other people's opinions on you being out by yourself, let me tell you a lil secret. They don't care about you as much as you think they do, so go out there and enjoy your day, because it's yours.

That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed this lil chit chat. Let me know what you'd like to see more of these types of posts!


Monday, 7 March 2016

Spring Makeup | Collab with Jenny Ross from BornToBlend

Today's look is a collab with my fellow beauty blogger, Jenny from BornToBlend. She is doing a Spring Day Makeup Look and  I am doing a Spring Night Look!

I started this look off by filling in my brows using the Wet n Wild Eyebrow Kit and then applying Fix from the Naked On The Run Palette as an all over lid shade. Next, I used Dare on my outer crease.
To highlight my eyes, I used the last eyeshadow in the palette, Dive, in my inner corners and underneath my brow-bone. 

You all know how much I love my Revlon ColorStay Foundation in the shade 'Toast'. I applied that all over my face using a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.  

To add warmth, I'm using the Naked On The Run Bronzer on my temples and underneath my cheekbones for a very subtle contour. Next, I am applying the 50/50 highlighter on my cheekbones and above my cupid's bow.  I applied the Urban Decay Blush a little below the highlighter.To finish off this makeup look, I am applied this gorgeous lipgloss in the shade 'Sesso'
Makeup Used
Wet n Wild Eyebrow Kit - Black Powder & Wax
Revlon ColourStay Foundation - Toast

Naked On The Run Palette

Eyeshadows from left to right:
Dive, Fix,  Resist, Dare, Stun, 

Urban Decay Naked On The Run Bronzer 

Urban Decay Naked On The Run Blush
Urban Decay Highlighter in 50/50

Urban Decay Lipgloss in 'Sesso'
Urban Decay Mascara in Perversion
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in 'Stag'

I hope you enjoyed this look!
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This look is a collab with the beautiful Jenny 

from BornToBlend. 

Jenny's Social Media

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      Be sure to have a look at her blog and lastly, Happy Spring!

Thursday, 3 March 2016

February Favourites!

Hello everyone! 
As some of you may already know through my Instagram , I am currently in the process of transitioning into cruelty-free makeup products! It's been tough to do as there are so many brands that I love, but I disagree with the way some products are produced. However, I do still have a lot of products from companies who aren't cruelty free which I have decided to finish using before I completely make that transition. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and I am in no way bashing anyone who chooses not to make this choice with me.  Now, on to the point of this post! It's already March and almost Spring here in Holland.  Over the course of this month I've been using the products listed below and thought I'd share them with all of you. Let me know what your February Favourites consist of! 

1. Stila Baked Trio Eyeshadow in 'Bronze Glow'
I love how pigmented this product is. It's incredibly long lasting and it consists of three gorgeous shimmery colours which are great for multiple uses such as highlighting the inner corner, all over lid colour and even as a bronzer! I wrote a full review on this product which you can read here
2. Catrice Ultimate Stay lipliner in ''040 Love The Way You Plum'
I am a huge fan of Catrice lipliners. They stay all day, don't smudge and are incredibly pigmented. I currently own three of their Ultimate Stay lipliners but I'm definitely going to stock up on these. I highly recommend them if you're looking for lipliners but don't want to spend a ton of money, as these are very inexpensive and such great quality!

3. Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
This mascara came in the Naked On The Run Palette. I am obsessed with it for various reasons; aside from making my lashes appear darker and more voluminous, it doesn't clump and actually separates the lashes therefore making them look a lot longer. Urban Decay products are quite pricey, but if you're looking for a great mascara (along with a blush, highlighter, eyeliner, bronzer and six eyeshadows) the Naked On The Run palette is a must-have and is great for traveling!

4. YSL Perfume in 'Baby Doll'
I've been using this religiously throughout February. It's incredibly sweet but I like it as it's a perfect feminine, day time fragrance - very light too, which is perfect for spring. 

5. Victoria's Secret Body Moisturizer in 'Love Spell'
You all know how much I love the Victoria's Secret body mists and lotions. Love Spell has always been one of my favourite scents, so of course I've been loving the Love Spell Body Lotion. It's incredibly hydrating and makes my skin feel super soft after I've applied it. Although the scent is very light, there is no need to apply a perfume after using this product. I'd recommend using the Love Spell body wash along with the moisturizer, for extra staying power.

6. Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette
I'm not usually a fan of colour palettes - much less palettes that have loads of pink, purple and shimmery shades. That changed when I started using this palette - it's perfect for the upcoming Spring and great for easy day looks or dramatic night looks. It's girly, flirty and very pigmented. It's been my go-to eyeshadow palette throughout this month and probably will be making my March favourites too!

7. Rimmel London Rita Ora Nail Polish in 'Go Wild-erness'
During Winter I always tend to wear dark clothing. Wearing a pop of colour is a must for me, and that pop of colour is usually on my lips or nails. The Rimmel x Rita Ora nail polish is a gorgeous light pastel purple colour. It's long lasting, easy to apply and dries very quickly. In my opinion, it's a very happy colour, as well as a bold one. A great pick-me up during those gloomy Winter days.
Thanks for reading, don't forget to let me know what your February Favourites are!

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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Chit Chat #2: Rebranding, my 500 Milestone & A Product Swap To Bulgaria?!

Hello everyone,
Today I have three exciting announcements. The first is that I have reached my 500 milestone on my Facebook Page - thank you so much to all of you who continuously support me! The second announcement is that I have created an Instagram page specifically for my blog!

You can follow me for latest updates, giveaway announcements and of course alerts for my latest blog posts. I have loads more in store, so stay tuned! 

The third and probably most exciting announcement is that I am going to do my very first beauty swap - to Bulgaria! Those of you who follow my blog regularly may know that I have worked with Lily a few times before (Christmas Tag, 50 Facts About Me Tag, Valentine's Day Collab) Basically, a Beauty Swap consists of bloggers setting a budget and buying each other beauty products (or any other items)  that add up to that value. Lily and I are currently busy planning it and hope to have it up by May latest, due to posting as well as additional fees.  We're super excited and I know you will be too - this is going to be epic!


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