Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Chit Chat #2: Rebranding, my 500 Milestone & A Product Swap To Bulgaria?!

Hello everyone,
Today I have three exciting announcements. The first is that I have reached my 500 milestone on my Facebook Page - thank you so much to all of you who continuously support me! The second announcement is that I have created an Instagram page specifically for my blog!

You can follow me for latest updates, giveaway announcements and of course alerts for my latest blog posts. I have loads more in store, so stay tuned! 

The third and probably most exciting announcement is that I am going to do my very first beauty swap - to Bulgaria! Those of you who follow my blog regularly may know that I have worked with Lily a few times before (Christmas Tag, 50 Facts About Me Tag, Valentine's Day Collab) Basically, a Beauty Swap consists of bloggers setting a budget and buying each other beauty products (or any other items)  that add up to that value. Lily and I are currently busy planning it and hope to have it up by May latest, due to posting as well as additional fees.  We're super excited and I know you will be too - this is going to be epic!


Instagram: miahkeleighblog
Snapchat: Miah_5797


  1. Wow. Congratulations on your accomplishments!! Best of luck with your plans.