Monday, 21 March 2016

Go-To Neutral Eyeshadows! | Miah Ke-leigh

Hi everyone! As some of you may already have seen on my Instagram, I recently posted a picture of three of my favourite neutral eyeshadow palettes. Today I'll be writing a little review about each of them as they're my go-to eye products and perfect for day to night looks, whether you want to keep it simple or go full glam, I've got you covered!

The first eyeshadow is one that I have already blogged about. It is the Stila cosmetics baked trio eyeshadow in the shade 'Bronze Glow'. I mostly use this for nights out as it is incredibly pigmented and shimmery too. I tend to apply this with my fingers as a simple press to the eyelid provides enough colour and coverage. I personally find that using a brush a) mixes the colours together and b)takes up too much product. (That might just be the brush I am using, though) If you'd like a full on review, you can click here.

The second eyeshadow is a twelve colour palette by Maybelline. It is called the Nudes palette and features a variety of earthy tones, ranging from matte to shimmer formulas. 

Although I love the variety in formulas as well as the pigmentation, I find that the staying power isn't as great as I'd like them to be.  I wear this mostly during the day as opposed to a long night out. When I first got this palette, I was super excited as I've heard many great reviews. As said before, I love the variety of colours but so far it seems like only the shimmer ones last the whole day and although this is a current go-to palette, it would not be a repurchase because of that reason. 

The third and last eyeshadow is the 'Walking On Eggshells' trio by Wet n Wild. I love this palette. It's SO pigmented, lasts for ages and although it only has three colours, you can apply them in different ways to create new looks each time. 

My favourite colour would be the one that is recommended for the eyelid (I use it on my inner corners and sometimes as a highlight) as it is a gorgeous champagne colour that takes your makeup from casual to glam in 0.5 seconds flat. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to try neutral shadows, or for those of you who want to build up your makeup collections. It has a bit of a shimmer finish, but it's not glittery which I personally like. This palette is so good that I have two back-ups because Wet n Wild is not available in the Netherlands. 

Overall, these three eyeshadows are my most used/current favourite eyeshadow products to use as I love a neutral eye for day-time. Let  me know what your go-to palettes are and what kind of posts you'd like to see next. Thanks for reading! 

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  1. i love make up a lot and i love the eye shadows ^_^ how cute

    1. Thanks! Eyeshadows is my favourite makeup product!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I hope you liked the post x

  3. I LOVE the wet and wild pallettes! I grew up a tomboy and only recently started wearing make up! I love how it tells you where to put each color and totally look like you know what you are doing!!!

    1. Haha, we're in a similar situation - I was never really into makeup when I was younger and started experimenting with it around the age of 15. I love how pigmented the Wet n Wild shadows are! If they were available here in NL I'd definitely purchase more!

  4. I really like those colours!!