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I wasn't planning to go to my school prom,  to be completely honest. Our school is incredibly small and as a result, we have a prom every year with grades 9 - 12 so it isn't really that special for seniors. Some of my friends in my grade weren't going either, as we had decided we were going to have our own party to celebrate at one of our friends houses with food, drinks, music and each other's company. 

The deadlines for Prom Tickets had arrived and I was certain I wasn't going to go. My friends and I started planning more for the party we would be going to instead of Prom at school. Our school newsletter informed us that the deadlines for Prom tickets had been extended because not many people had bought tickets yet. I still didn't want to go though, because I knew I would have more fun with my friends house party than at an event with the rest of the school, so instead of planning for the school prom, I was getting things ready for the house party.
In any case.

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette | Review ✧

I've been wanting to write this review for ages! After a few months of hearing other bloggers rave about the Zoeva eyeshadow palettes, I decided to get my hands on one to see what the hype was about. The palette that I purchased online from Douglasis the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette!

 ~ Miah ~ 
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8 Things I love about Italy | Travel ☼

As some of you may know, I really love traveling. When I can, I like to go on adventures. These are usually with my family, but sometimes my friends and I explore different cities for the day, with the exception of the times we visited Costa Rica and Belgium.  (If you want to read about Costa Rica, click here and if you want to read about Belgium, click here.) I've been lucky enough to visit Italy a couple of times, mainly Venice and Rome. I love Italy's atmosphere; I find it to be very happy and relaxed, especially in Summer, which is what inspired me to write this post. 

The streets in Portofino

The Colosseum in Rome Accommodation in Correzzola
Canals in Venice
Acquario di Genoa in Genova

Top 5 Travel Tips For An Amazing Adventure! | Collab Post with Sheri!

Tip #1. Plan Way Ahead
You always think you have more time - truth is, you never really do. Depending on how far you are traveling, make sure to plan a couple of months ahead. Plane tickets are generally more affordable, you don't want to wait until peak season because you'll pay more for your flight ticket than any of your expenses. Make sure to include all important documents, allergies, medication etc. Planning ahead of time will leave less room for doubt and more time for you to enjoy the experience!
Tip #2. Get Comfortable I don't just mean comfortable clothing on the plane (or car, if you're going on a road-trip) I mean get comfortable with yourself. As fun as it can be, traveling is draining but it's also an opportunity to grow. Try to stay calm in challenging situations, get comfortable with your surroundings; embrace the environment, cuisine, culture. It'll be so much more of an experience if you allow yourself to be part of it. 
Tip #3. Don't Just Pac…