Thursday, 28 April 2016


I wasn't planning to go to my school prom,  to be completely honest. Our school is incredibly small and as a result, we have a prom every year with grades 9 - 12 so it isn't really that special for seniors. Some of my friends in my grade weren't going either, as we had decided we were going to have our own party to celebrate at one of our friends houses with food, drinks, music and each other's company. 

The deadlines for Prom Tickets had arrived and I was certain I wasn't going to go. My friends and I started planning more for the party we would be going to instead of Prom at school. Our school newsletter informed us that the deadlines for Prom tickets had been extended because not many people had bought tickets yet. I still didn't want to go though, because I knew I would have more fun with my friends house party than at an event with the rest of the school, so instead of planning for the school prom, I was getting things ready for the house party.

In any case.

My boyfriend (then close friend) asked me to Prom, so I ended up going with him and a group of friends. The first prom was at school, with a buffet dinner and dancing and a night that seemingly ended but also began at the same time. 

"Can you take a photo of us?"

My friends and I had arrived at the venue in suits, ties, fancy dresses, heels and makeup. We left in jeans and t-shirts and after getting drinks and snacks, headed off to the metro which would take us to The Hague where we'd be spending the rest of our night. We took the metro and then got onto a tram and then took the wrong bus and had to get off at the following bus stop to go back. We waited at that bus stop for ages as we thought that it was coming in 4 minutes.

Waiting for the bus

But the time just didn't change.

It had been four minutes for nearly half an hour and that's when one girl in our group pointed out that the bus time read 00:04, meaning the bus would only be arriving at four minutes past midnight and it was currently 23:30. We all laughed at our mistake as we carried on walking in the dark, streetlights and Google Maps guiding our way.

The After Prom

When we finally arrived at the venue, everyone put their stuff down, took their coats off and got comfortable. We started catching up, as only the group I had arrived with had gone to prom and the group that was at the house had been there since about 18:00, so we filled each other in on any details we had missed. It was a really good time, mostly because there was no small talk being made (that may or may not have been influenced by alcohol) but the vibe was really relaxed because most of us knew one another and the conversations didn't come to an end, no matter how many disruptions and interruptions we had. There we were,  a group of international students in a living room, talking about sunsets in America, beaches in South Africa, parties in Poland and food in Cambodia with a playlist featuring artists such as The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Halsey, Britney Spears, ASAP Rocky and more of which I can only recognize by singing along to because I'm familiar with the song and not the actual artist. 

I heard 'Come On Eileen' by Dexy's Midnight Runners start playing and I immediately looked across the room at another girl, and just by making eye contact, we both knew that we were going to dance together. We put our drinks down and rushed to the middle of the living room, linking arms and spinning around wildly until the room became a blur, each other's faces the only thing in focus. We were laughing as we spun, taking up the whole living room and singing without a single care in the world. In that fleeting moment, it was just the song and our laughter that mattered.

The rest of the night consisted of more drinks, food, inside jokes and deep conversations and I couldn't stop thinking to myself how lucky I was to be surrounded by people like these. People that think more than they say but you know that they understand you, whether it's through a lengthy conversation, a quick glance or a lazy smirk. We partied until the early a.m, until people started going home or falling asleep, some still dressed in their suits from prom. 

The next morning was a fun one. Everyone made their way back downstairs, laughing at last night's shenanigans while we ate a breakfast of eggs, toast, pancakes and drank either coffee or orange juice. We were already reminiscing about the night before because it was Sunday and we all knew that tomorrow it would be back to school with what felt like the weight of the world on our shoulders as the stress of exams, presentations and university applications started creeping up on us again. How we would all function the next day none of us knew. We were literally zombies disguised as a group of teenagers, dressed in pajamas and prom dresses, with messy hair and unbrushed teeth and faces covered in makeup we were too lazy to take off the night before. 

After breakfast, most people started getting ready to go home as it was nearly noon and for some of us, the weekend wasn't entirely over as there was still a lot to be done. I think that's what made it worth it though, the fact that although our lives are all so busy, we make time to meet up. Our plans don't always happen unfortunately, but when they do I treasure them because they're meaningful. Like I said before, everyone's always in a rush and when you do get a moment, whether that's a second or a day, to just sit back and appreciate the presence of people you care about, how absolutely  alive they can make you feel and how happy you are when you are surrounded by them, nothing else matters.


Disclaimer: None of these photos were taken by me but by a photographer or friends. I watermarked them for obvious reasons. My prom was two weekends ago but I decided to write this post in any case.


  1. Sounds like you had quite the experience on your prom night. I never actually went to prom because I moved around so much, but it sounds like a blast! Great post!

    1. I did, it was lovely! That's a pity, you not going to your prom especially if you wanted to but there are luckily other events to celebrate with friends and dress up etc. Thanks so much for your feedback, much love x