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MAC Cosmetics 'Vibe Tribe' Collection | Cultural Appropriation or Cultural Appreciation?

MAC Cosmetics is undeniably one of the biggest makeup brands in the entire world. With a 9.6 million Instagram following and 14.8million Facebook followers, it's obvious to see that this brand has a massive influence on makeup and makeup trends. Beauty bloggers, makeup artists and other brands alike look up to MAC for inspiration when creating new looks. It's no secret why;  their collections are always successful and incredibly versatile - from the Cinderella inspired collection released last year, to celebrity collections such as the iconic Selena, the trend is fast paced and ever changing. 
The latest release, "Vibe Tribe" however, has caused quite the controversy. It is MAC's summer collection for 2016, with the description being: 
"Lose control in lips painted reckless shades of red and coral, or a flash of gold. Let your eyes escape reality in teal, cobalt mandarin and charcoal, as free-spirited nails glisten in succulent tangerine and the perfect, butte…

Blog Update: New Design, New Content & Having Your Work Featured!

7 Cruelty Free Alternatives For Popular Makeup Brands

The quality of high end, or well established drugstore, makeup is absolutely superb; the packaging is heavenly, the latest trends are must-haves as makeup keeps evolving and the variety of looks you can create with a single palette are endless. I used to think that nothing compares to the swatch of MAC's 'Gold Deposit' highlighter or the flawless finish that Benefit's 'Porefessional Primer' gives me.  However, after researching these makeup brands, their parent companies and others like them, I was shocked to discover how many actually tested on animals. As a result, I was inspired to share alternatives with you all, in hope that we can consider buying cruelty-free products every time we go shopping. 

For those who love L'Oreal

I was obsessed with L'Oreal eyeshadows at one point and I mean obsessed. Luckily, I discovered two alternative brands that were similar, within the same price range and best of all, cruelty free. The first brand is Milani. 

The next…

essence Lip Products Collection ≫ Swatches & Review

As many of you may know through previous posts, I love essence products. The quality is amazing for how incredibly inexpensive they are.  Because I'm such a huge fan of their lip products especially, I decided to do a one brand focus post on some of the products that I have in my makeup collection. In today's post, I'll include short reviews as well as swatches on a few of their lip products; ranging from liners to glosses to lipsticks! 

Lip Liners

I've started wearing lipliner more often, I was never really into them before but I love how clean and neat they make lipstick look. Of course they help to shape your lips and make them fuller, but the reason why I opt for an essence lipliner is because the application is creamy and the finish is very matte and super light - it barely feels like I'm wearing anything! I own four of them and they are in the shades 'Honey Berry', 'Femme Fatale', 'Wish Me A Rose' and 'Soft Berry'. They're al…

Urban Decay, Kiko Milano, MAC & more | Spring Beauty Haul ✧

Hello everyone! This is Part 1 of my 2 Part Spring Haul. Today I'll be sharing some of the items that I've recently purchased (mini reviews and first impressions included ) so let's get straight into it!

essence As some of you may know, I love essence. They're super affordable and the products are excellent quality for the price. I recently picked up two products; an eyeshadow and a lipstick.

The first product, pictured above, is actually a new product that's recently hit stores. It's a duo product; an eyeshadow and liner, in the the shade 'Go Bronze'. It's superpigmented, buttery and build-able. 

The second product is a lipstick in 'Don't Stop The Nude'. 
Another new release from essence! This is the perfect dark brown lip colour if you're looking for something edgy and long-lasting. Although it's not exactly a Spring colour, I would still wear it on a night out because I love dark lipsticks all year around. It has the same chic pack…

Postcards, Strawberry Tea & Groovy Tracks To Vibe To | Monthly Favourites ✰

Hello everyone! Today I'm back with another monthly favourites! This month, however, I am switching things up a bit by branching away from just mentioning beauty products. From now on, I'll be discussing skincare products, topics that are important to me, groovy music and some other lovely things that I enjoyed throughout the months of the year. Without further or due, here's what I loved in April.

Skincare & Beauty Products
Rimmel Nail Polish in 'Bestival Blue'

The Body Shop Body Butter in 'Early Harvest Raspberry'. 
Revlon South Africa Powder Brush

Food & Drink
Strawberry Tea
Topics of Interest
This photo of Nelson Mandela casting the first democratic vote in South Africa


Here's a couple of tracks I've enjoyed listening to:

Tell Your Friends // The WeekndWrong // Zayn ft KehlaniOne Dance // DrakeI Took A Pill In Ibiza (Seeb Remix) // Mike PosnerComing Down // HalseySally // Bibi BourellyWild Things // Alessia Cara

7 Ways To Have A Better & More Organized Week | Chit Chat #4

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog. Today we're going to talk about ways to make the most out of your week, so let's just get straight into it!

First thing's first; learn to schedule your day the night before. This includes making a little to-do list of things you really need to get done. It'll keep you on track and help you to meet deadlines!
Secondly, eat a healthy, nutritious breakfast. I absolutely hate eating breakfast in the morning because I am never hungry. If you're like me, a snack will probably do. Breakfast options for drinks include coffee, tea, water or a glass of pure fruit juice (any juice that has the word 'blend' on it, probably doesn't consist of real fruit, but rather fruit concentration so be careful as it's mostly sugar which will give you a little energy buzz until about midday when it wears off) Be sure to eat something that is filling!
Thirdly, when you get out of bed, open the curtains or blinds. You'll feel more refr…