Wednesday, 1 June 2016

5 Things You Must Do This Summer! | Guest Post #1

The warm weather is quickly approaching  as we search for things to do this summer and although there will be lots to do with family and friends, there are just some things that are summer trademarks and that must be done. Here are 5 suggestions for what to do this summer!

1. Get To a Cottage
Yours, a friend’s, a family member’s, somebody’s trailer - just go. Get away from the city or your hometown. A cottage is a home away from home and it’s nice to experience mother nature once in a while. Pour a glass of wine, crack open a cold beer and relax in a private paradise with the people you love.

2. Go Beach or Go Home
Get some sun on the beach this summer and don’t be afraid to swim! It’s always refreshing to hop in the water during high temperatures. There’s just something about warm sand between your toes and that salty beach smell. Rent a sea-doo or bring a floaty and soak up some rays. Everyone benefits from Vitamin D. 

3. Boating
Go on a fishing trip, rent a boat, or book a cruise. It’s a great way to socialize or have an intimate get together. Sail across one of your favourite lakes and make sure to look back and take a picture of your city. Take in the fresh air. You’re sure to get double the tan on a boat so make sure to protect yourself. 

4. Hiking
Explore new trails to keep active this summer! Maybe you’ve always wanted to go to a well known provincial park, or visit that exclusive waterfall that no-one knows about. Bring a backpack, lots of water and food. A hat is usually the best for keeping cool, and be sure to bring waterproof sunscreen - you burn easily when breaking a sweat. At the end of your hike, you’ll feel exhilarated!

5. Camping
Don’t bring your phone, your iPad, or your laptop - unless you will be using it to play music. Camping is another way of escaping city life and taking in nature’s best assets. Put all of your worries behind you and relax your mind. Sit around the campfire and roast marshmallows. Tell stories. Laugh. Make memories with the people who mean the most to you. Fall in love. Make new friends. Enjoy the life that you are living!

It's always fun to travel and explore new places, so be sure to do just that this summer. You'll meet new people and make memories along the way. Create a story to tell and a summer that you'll never forget. 
What plans do you have this summer? Share them in the comments below. 

Written by: Michelle

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