Saturday, 21 May 2016

Blog Update: New Design, New Content & Having Your Work Featured!

As much as I love all things beauty related, it's not the only thing that matters to me. Of course I'm still going to continue doing loads of product reviews, hauls, monthly favourites etc, but I will also be throwing in little surprises here and there. You see, my blog is not completely a reflection of who I am. Although it does  reflect my interests such as fashion, makeup, food and traveling, I really want to take this blog up a notch by creating it to be the best creative outlet I can make it.  It will be a platform for not only my voice - but yours too. I want to discuss topics such as ethical and fair trade clothing,  veganism, cruelty free makeup, how to be positive and why self love is important; I feel like these do not get discussed as often as they should. When I first discovered the world of blogging 6 years ago, I expressed myself through my love for writing short stories and poetry, however, the longer I blogged, the more I lost some of that creativity. I'm happy to announce that since finals are out of the way, I will have more time to spend on my blog and making it visually creative as well as dynamic.

So far I have collaborated with 10 other bloggers, been recognized by companies such as essence, CATRICE and Zoeva, hosted 2 international giveaways, wrote 72 posts related to travel, beauty and lifestyle, hit my 500 Facebook milestone and reached 30, 000 views on my blog. Thank you for sticking around; those of you who share my articles, give me feedback and follow me on my social media. Your support means the world.

Some of you asked what I have in store for this blog. Well, right now I am gravitating towards inspirational posts that have inspired me and will hopefully inspire you, too. I also have a few collaborations coming up, fashion lookbook, couple of makeup looks, interviews, guest posts and ideas for dynamic articles. This is my blog, but it's more than that. It's yours too. It's our podium for various interests; things that have inspired us, things we wish we could do, things we have already done and experienced. So, if you'd like to be involved in my adventure, don't hesitate to contact me here: