Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Postcards, Strawberry Tea & Groovy Tracks To Vibe To | Monthly Favourites ✰

Hello everyone! Today I'm back with another monthly favourites! This month, however, I am switching things up a bit by branching away from just mentioning beauty products. From now on, I'll be discussing skincare products, topics that are important to me, groovy music and some other lovely things that I enjoyed throughout the months of the year. Without further or due, here's what I loved in April.

Skincare & Beauty Products

Rimmel Nail Polish in 'Bestival Blue'

I'm not one to wear colour on my nails... or colour in general, really. I have mentioned this product before in a haul, but since it's Spring here in the Netherlands I've been gravitating towards colourful nail polishes more often. This one is by Rimmel in the shade 'Bestival Blue'. I've had mine on for a week now and it has stayed put for the most part. The colour is vibrant, it dries quickly and lasts for a while. This is also from the Rita Ora collection and these gorgeous nail polishes are definitely must-haves for the upcoming Summer in my opinion.

The Body Shop Body Butter in 'Early Harvest Raspberry'. 
My skin feels incredibly soft after I've applied this. It's refreshing and smells wonderful, too! There's quite a lot of product so it's definitely worth spending your money on. (If you would like to read all about my Body Shop Haul, click here) 

Revlon South Africa Powder Brush
This is part of a set which I purchased a while ago and I love the quality of this brush so much! Although it is a powder brush, I mostly use it to apply bronzer and occasionally setting powder for when I'm doing different makeup techniques such as baking. To read the review on the brush set in which this gorgeous item came in, click here.

Food & Drink

Strawberry Tea
I used to absolutely hate fruit flavoured teas. I'd much rather have a large cup of green, mint or English tea, thank you very much. My local grocery store, however, has so many different types of tea - fudge, apple mint, caramel, blueberry, strawberry mint - that I decided I wanted to try one out. I decided to go with Strawberry and it tastes so good! It's not too sweet which is great because a lot of fruit flavoured teas are. Another huge plus is that it smells amazing! 

Topics of Interest

This photo of Nelson Mandela casting the first democratic vote in South Africa

On the 27th of April, my country celebrated Freedom Day. I currently live in the Netherlands, but my home will always be in South Africa.  Celebrating Freedom Day is a reminder to us that when South Africa was liberated, both the oppressor and the oppressed were liberated. It is our pledge that "never again would the minority government impose itself on the majority."

I know a lot of people have different ideas about feminism and I'm not here to share my views on them in hopes of getting you to change your mind about anything. However, I do encourage you to have an open mind and watch this amazing video.


Here's a couple of tracks I've enjoyed listening to:

  • Tell Your Friends // The Weeknd
  • Wrong // Zayn ft Kehlani
  • One Dance // Drake
  • I Took A Pill In Ibiza (Seeb Remix) // Mike Posner
  • Coming Down // Halsey
  • Sally // Bibi Bourelly
  • Wild Things // Alessia Cara
  • 21 // Freedom Fry
  • I Will Be There // Odessa

Postcard from home

I received this postcard a good couple of months ago, however I have been organizing my room and packing stuff away so I was super delighted when I found this amongst a stack of books and old letters. This was given to me by an old school friend. On the back she wrote a couple of South African slang terms (I didn't show all of you because some too rude haha!) I love it because although I'm hundreds of kilometers away from home, pieces of my home are always with me.


That's it for my April Favourites! Let me know which products, music and items you enjoyed throughout April. Here's to a good May! 

~ Miah ~ 

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