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Urban Decay, Kiko Milano, MAC & more | Spring Beauty Haul ✧

Hello everyone! This is Part 1 of my 2 Part Spring Haul. Today I'll be sharing some of the items that I've recently purchased (mini reviews and first impressions included ) so let's get straight into it!

 As some of you may know, I love essence. They're super affordable and the products are excellent quality for the price. I recently picked up two products; an eyeshadow and a lipstick.

The first product, pictured above, is actually a new product that's recently hit stores. It's a duo product; an eyeshadow and liner, in the the shade 'Go Bronze'. It's super pigmented, buttery and build-able. 

The second product is a lipstick in 'Don't Stop The Nude'. 
Another new release from essence! This is the perfect dark brown lip colour if you're looking for something edgy and long-lasting. Although it's not exactly a Spring colour, I would still wear it on a night out because I love dark lipsticks all year around. It has the same chic packaging as the other lipsticks in the long-lasting range. I have about 6 lipsticks from essence so far and let me tell you, the quality just gets better.

I recently purchased the Cocoa Blend Palette and I am obsessed with how intensely pigmented the eyeshadows are! This is my first purchase from Zoeva, but it won't be my last. In this palette, there are 10 shades in total and all of the shades have stunning names.  If you'd like to see the full review on this beautiful item, click here

Kiko Milano 
I love Kiko's makeup. The store is aesthetically pleasing, the products and packaging are both of excellent quality and they provide a large variety of products for every skin colour. The products that I picked up were two eyeshadows in the shades 'Forest Green' and 'Pearly Hot Chocolate', which are both so intensely pigmented and last up to 12 hours. I also picked up a liquid concealer that offers lightweight coverage.

Pictured above is 'Forest Green.' I absolutely love this shade  as I've been looking for an olive green eyeshadow for ages! It's a gorgeous shade, particularly for the autumn time. 

The second eyeshadow is in 'Pearly Hot Chocolate'. Once again, not exactly what some might call a spring colour, but I think it'd be great to play around with for a night out as orange/copper shadows are becoming more popular.  As with 'Forest Green', it lasts for 12 hours and is intensely pigmented!The packaging is sturdy and although this product was quite affordable, I find that engraving the name of the brand into the eyeshadow made it look more expensive. This is the first time I'm purchasing eyeshadows from Kiko and so far, I really like them.
I also purchased this lightweight concealer in the shade '02 Natural'
I've been looking for a good coverage concealer for ages and the reason why I haven't purchased any from Kiko is because they often don't have any shades that suit my skin. I was so happy to find this one. Not only does it last for ages, but it's perfect for getting rid of any dark circles and for brightening up your under-eyes.  

Death By Chocolate by I Heart Makeup

I have been seeing this palette everywhere and I was curious to try out. As some of you may know, I've bought other products from I Heart Makeup (Makeup Revolution's baby sister brand) and loved them, so I had no doubts about purchasing this palette. There are so many buttery eyeshadows to choose from and I love that this palette actually smells like chocolate. 

MAC Plushglass in 'Ample Pink'

I've previously tried out a plushglass from MAC and I love the way it feels and looks with a very glamorous makeup look. 'Ample Pink' is a shade that will suit a variety of skin tones. It looks natural on the lips, has a lightweight feel and plumping effect, lasts for hours and is a perfect purchase for Spring!

MAC Prep & Prime Fix Plus Setting Spray 

So many beauty bloggers have raved about this product and I am finally jumping on the bandwagon. Fix+ is a skin priming mist which is (recommended) to be applied before or after makeup in order to freshen up makeup application and make it last longer. The description on the back of the box states:"A soothing moisture mist that refreshes the skin and finished makeup. Hold bottle 12"away from face and spray evenly. Use before or after makeup." It feels incredibly refreshing, lightweight and sets my makeup for the rest of the day without it feeling cakey. 

Urban Decay 

After receiving 'Sesso' I was determined to grow the Urban Decay section in my makeup collection, so I purchased 'Naked'.  This is such a gorgeous lipgloss and I adore the rose gold packaging that this whole collection comes in. The applicator is that of a normal lipgloss but the actual product, like MAC's 'Big Baby' and 'Ample Pink' plushglass, has a plumping effect and a minty scent. The shade is a nudish-pink with a slight shimmer. It is also a very creamy the formula and the colour is quite neutral.

Do you have any of these products? Which are your favourites and which would you like to purchase?

~ Miah ~

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