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Inspiration Through Nina's Eyes | Guest Post #4


Leaving for Cape Town I'm leaving for South Africa tomorrow and I am going for a whole month. I'm so excited to see friends and family again, though of course I'll miss my wonderful friends here in the Netherlands. For those of you who are new to my blog or just didn't know, I am South African and I have been living in the Netherlands for the past three years. It's currently summer vacation here, so I am going back home to South Africa for (winter) holiday. Unfortunately, this means I won't be blogging as often. I do have some scheduled posts but don't expect me to upload anything too frequently as I am on holiday after all. I can say that I will be doing a South African haul and Iwill definitely be vlogging this trip (however bad the footage turns out) so stay tuned for that!
Guest Posts and Reader Submissions 
These will continue as normal and uploaded weekly on a Wednesday. Send in any original content (DIYs, Recipes, Makeup Looks, Unique Fashion Looks, Spo…

Spring OOTD | Collab with NellaCoco 🌸

For the first time on my blog, I am doing an Outfit Of The Day (OOTD). This is a collaboration with Nella, a gorgeous and super down to earth German blogger that I've been talking to for the past few months. Nella's team and I have discussed the idea of a collab for ages now but have only recently been able to actually put something together! It's finally beginning to feel like Spring in the Netherlands, so today Nella and I show what we'd wear while grabbing lunch with friends or going shopping.

I love the jumpsuit is the pop of colour instead of an accessory, as well as the back detailing. To make the outfit a little classier and dressier, I paired the jumpsuit with black high heels. I bought these a year ago in South Africa and they're so comfortable to walk in! Not only do they pull this whole outfit together but they look great paired with whatever I choose to wear. Naturally, I chose them in black but nude heels would also work. 

I hope you like my very first O…

Introducing Reuben Fillies | Guest Post #3

My Youtube Channel was created about three years ago, but it wasn't for music. Back then, it was mostly for skating videos. I only recently started posting covers of songs I like and I started to really focus on my music around the middle of 2015. That's also when I got the recording equipment I use to make my covers.

I love listening to artists and bands such as The 1975. A few other favourites include John Mayer, Al Bairre, Shortstraw, Beatenberg, Ed Sheeran, Michael Jackson, Matthew Mole, Sia and so many more. My biggest musical inspiration is most definitely Ed Sheeran. My friends are always telling me I play too much of his music!

When it comes to my free time, I obviously play a lot of music. However, I also really enjoy taking photos, hanging out with my close mates, watching series and exercising! As for personal style, I honestly don't know how to describe my personal clothing style hahaha! I wouldn't go as far as saying hipster exactly, but I do wear hipster-li…

My High School Graduation | Personal 🎓

The month before the actual ceremony was a blur. It felt like being on a roundabout; where someone is spinning and you're telling them to stop but they don't listen and you end up feeling dizzy.  Everything happened so quickly - there was so much to get done; documents to sign, programmes and slideshows to be made. The seniors (or Seniors of 16 as we call ourselves) came to school and later headed into town for a graduation photoshoot; all dressed up in our formal clothes that disguised the children we were underneath and projected the image of the adults we were about to become. 
While taking photographs, we caught the attention of many locals. The Dutch do not celebrate graduation ceremonies like we do. Some even took photos of us as this was new for them to experience - but they didn't realize it was new for us too! You see, only two of the ten people in my grade are actually Dutch. The rest of us come from places like the United Kingdom, Greece, the United States of Amer…

⚡ Girls Night Out Collab ⚡

Good company makes for a great night out, and what better company than 3 of my best blogging friends? I have collaborated with all of these girls in the past. Francoise was actually the first person I ever collaborated with and we did a Holiday Inspired Look in 2015. Jenny and I did a Spring Makeup Look collaboration a while back and my most recent look was a Date Night makeup look which Cephy and I partnered up for.  For today's post, the four of us decided we wanted to create a Girls Night Out Look and add a pop of colour. I hope you enjoy the look I created and remember to check out the other blogs!

Brows & Eyes

As for eyes, I usually like to add a little bit of shimmer when I go out. I tend to stick to neutral eyeshadows, but this time I wanted a bit of colour so I opted for a subtle pink/purple eye look.  I used the shade 'Beans are White' from my Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette in my crease and outer corners before going in with 'Warm Notes' from the same palette…

A Recipe For Clean Eating | Guest Post #2

If you are a young person that is trying to get familiar with clean eating, I have a few tips to help you get started:

1. Make your goals known to your family. 
I have watched several of my young cousins, friends, and in-laws get on their path to healthier eating, and they always start with informing the family that they won't be eating junk any more. It helps everyone to put their habits into perspective, and it keeps the people closest to you from parading cupcakes in your face. Tell your parents or whoever you live with that you want to eat healthier and get fit, let them know that you are serious about this and that you want to do it right. Get their input and perhaps invite them to join you. Not everyone will be interested, so you'll have to be prepared for the fact that sometimes, you'll be eating salad while everyone else is eating ice cream...but you'll learn that that's okay!

2. Learn what clean foods REALLY are.
Clean eating, to me, means limiting processed f…

Puerto Rican Coffee, Cruelty Free Beauty, Music & More | May Favourites ✰

I am a little late on May Favourites, but I decided to share them nonetheless. In this months version of things that I loved, I tried to include a variety of items such as cruelty-free beauty products, books I enjoyed reading, quirky websites and even a few personal items. Enjoy!

Miscellaneous / Personal

Faux Leather Journal


Clay Necklace

Food & Drink
Puerto Rican Coffee

Beauty & Skincare

LA Girl Liquid Lipstick in 'Bazaar' 

NARS Highlighter in 'Albatross'
I'm a little late to jump on the bandwagon. To be honest, I didn't think this would be worth it as I've read many mixed reviews. Firstly, it looked way too light to suit my skin tone but  I decided to test it out myself and so I purchased it and I couldn't be happier. Not only is the actual product gorgeous and golden, but the sleek black packaging with a mirror inside the compact makes it look extra amazing.
Websites, Music & Books

5 Things You Must Do This Summer! | Guest Post #1

1. Get To a Cottage Yours, a friend’s, a family member’s, somebody’s trailer - just go. Get away from the city or your hometown. A cottage is a home away from home and it’s nice to experience mother nature once in a while. Pour a glass of wine, crack open a cold beer and relax in a private paradise with the people you love.
2. Go Beach or Go Home Get some sun on the beach this summer and don’t be afraid to swim! It’s always refreshing to hop in the water during high temperatures. There’s just something about warm sand between your toes and that salty beach smell. Rent a sea-doo or bring a floaty and soak up some rays. Everyone benefits from Vitamin D. 
3. Boating Go on a fishing trip, rent a boat, or book a cruise. It’s a great way to socialize or have an intimate get together. Sail across one of your favourite lakes and make sure to look back and take a picture of your city. Take in the fresh air. You’re sure to get double the tan on a boat so make sure to protect yourself. 
4. Hiking Explo…