Saturday, 25 June 2016

Inspiration Through Nina's Eyes | Guest Post #4

When inspiration, an explosive force of breathlessly and ceaselessly enigmatic magic, seeps into our pours to expand horizons of colour and broaden known possibility we act upon its brilliance to pursue our own dreams. It sparks a light of motivation, leaving fingers tingling to type, paint, create…

My sources of inspiration infinitely exist all around me when called upon for assistance. They can be perfectly captured at the shore of another world, tides reaching my feet, under a sky of changing scenery, with the escape of music as the most euphoric transportation device to ease my mind. To reach a consciousness of life that is purely perceptive to only my eyes. A space in which memories flow, ideas are harnessed, winds sing in my ears of the sights seen, and feelings expressed. Extracting strength from the earth in sights of wondrous growth and hope.

The sound of surging power in waves of change beating back at our thoughts. A place to find the ultimate inspiration- in the epicenter of peace and the birth of creativity. With the smell of turpentine and the sight of white paper, I am instantly inspired by the temptation to create. Scents such as vanilla incense also fuel excitement to slow down my days and search for thepages of the poetry that allow me to recede into reading and writing frenzies. Sylvia Plath’s anthology, Ariel can shoulder that inevitability. 

Words; thunderous and emotive always inspire the frantic jumble of brainstorming to follow with searches for pens of all colours, fruity teas and Alt-J to celebrate the process.

My ever-expanding art book collections are always assured to inspire as well as the sensation of leaping off a train into the encapsulating attraction of the heart of our innovative city, absorbing the flavour of youthful energy in fashions, art exhibitions, architectural stimulation, fast-paced blurs of reality, captures of a camera’s shutter. Long days and longer nights of exploration of thought inspire deeply rooted urges to create in times where loneliness can enhance truth of self, whilst the world sleeps and stars sparkle.

My friends and their radiant natures are too, instantaneously refreshingly inspirational. 

Change can appeal to inspire- heads peering out of fast-forwarded cars, travel, new places and faces, richness in experience…

Captions inspired by nighttime driving into moonlight, singing to Lana del Rey, sensationalism of human connection, love and light, all such things are the epitome of the inspiration that drives my creativity forward in abundance. A power of the noticed, incorruptible beauty in this chaotic life.

Written & Photographed by: Nina Howell

Sunday, 19 June 2016


Leaving for Cape Town
Photo Credits: Fish Hoek Beach Club
I'm leaving for South Africa tomorrow and I am going for a whole month. I'm so excited to see friends and family again, though of course I'll miss my wonderful friends here in the Netherlands. For those of you who are new to my blog or just didn't know, I am South African and I have been living in the Netherlands for the past three years. It's currently summer vacation here, so I am going back home to South Africa for (winter) holiday. Unfortunately, this means I won't be blogging as often. I do have some scheduled posts but don't expect me to upload anything too frequently as I am on holiday after all. I can say that I will be doing a South African haul and I will definitely be vlogging this trip (however bad the footage turns out) so stay tuned for that!

Guest Posts and Reader Submissions 

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Friday, 17 June 2016

Spring OOTD | Collab with NellaCoco 🌸

For the first time on my blog, I am doing an Outfit Of The Day (OOTD). This is a collaboration with Nella, a gorgeous and super down to earth German blogger that I've been talking to for the past few months. Nella's team and I have discussed the idea of a collab for ages now but have only recently been able to actually put something together! It's finally beginning to feel like Spring in the Netherlands, so today Nella and I show what we'd wear while grabbing lunch with friends or going shopping.

 I opted for a plan navy blue jumpsuit that I dressed up with heels and a statement iridescent necklace.  

The back of the jumpsuit has criss-cross detailing which adds a bit of flair to the otherwise plain jumpsuit.
I love the jumpsuit is the pop of colour instead of an accessory, as well as the back detailing. To make the outfit a little classier and dressier, I paired the jumpsuit with black high heels. I bought these a year ago in South Africa and they're so comfortable to walk in! Not only do they pull this whole outfit together but they look great paired with whatever I choose to wear. Naturally, I chose them in black but nude heels would also work. 

For accessories, I stuck to one statement piece in the form of a necklace. This was a gift from my gran and I love it because it is actually a whole bunch of shells. This is special to me because as many of you know, I love the ocean. As a result, this was the perfect piece to pair with a blue outfit. I chose not to wear a coat with this look as it is quite hot hot, but a simple black cardigan would do as well as a black or grey clutch. 
OOTD Details:
Jumpsuit - H&M Conscious Collection
Heels - Mr. Price RSA
Statement Necklace - Gift 

I hope you like my very first OOTD! Be sure to have a look at Nella's, it's absolutely gorgeous. Let me know what you think of this OOTD in the comments below. Don't forget to inform me if you'd like me to do more of them and tell me what you would wear on a hot Spring day!

~ Miah ~

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Introducing Reuben Fillies | Guest Post #3

Photo Credits: Lia Fillies
My Youtube Channel was created about three years ago, but it wasn't for music. Back then, it was mostly for skating videos. I only recently started posting covers of songs I like and I started to really focus on my music around the middle of 2015. That's also when I got the recording equipment I use to make my covers.

I love listening to artists and bands such as The 1975. A few other favourites include John Mayer, Al Bairre, Shortstraw, Beatenberg, Ed Sheeran, Michael Jackson, Matthew Mole, Sia and so many more. My biggest musical inspiration is most definitely Ed Sheeran. My friends are always telling me I play too much of his music!

Photo Credits: Lia Fillies

When it comes to my free time, I obviously play a lot of music. However, I also really enjoy taking photos, hanging out with my close mates, watching series and exercising! As for personal style, I honestly don't know how to describe my personal clothing style hahaha! I wouldn't go as far as saying hipster exactly, but I do wear hipster-like clothing. As for my music, I guess you could call it "hipster" music, but I prefer calling it acoustic pop hahah!

To me, the best part about playing music is jamming along with friends. Nothing beats a good jam session when everyone is feeling the groove! There are so many  more artists I would like to cover. So far I've done Ed Sheeran and Bon Iver, but I'd like to cover more. To name a few, I'd say Labrinth, Sam Smith and James Bay. I have written a few original songs, which I will release when I am back in South Africa next year but, for now, here's my cover of 'Skinny Love' by Bon Iver.


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Written by Reuben Fillies
Edited by Miah Ke-leigh

Monday, 13 June 2016

My High School Graduation | Personal 🎓

Seniors of 16
Left to right: Chant, Zikri, Anna, JJ, me, Kelsy, Aphro, Joseph, Alex and Ben

The month before the actual ceremony was a blur. It felt like being on a roundabout; where someone is spinning and you're telling them to stop but they don't listen and you end up feeling dizzy. 
Everything happened so quickly - there was so much to get done; documents to sign, programmes and slideshows to be made. The seniors (or Seniors of 16 as we call ourselves) came to school and later headed into town for a graduation photoshoot; all dressed up in our formal clothes that disguised the children we were underneath and projected the image of the adults we were about to become. 

While taking photographs, we caught the attention of many locals. The Dutch do not celebrate graduation ceremonies like we do. Some even took photos of us as this was new for them to experience - but they didn't realize it was new for us too! You see, only two of the ten people in my grade are actually Dutch. The rest of us come from places like the United Kingdom, Greece, the United States of America, Morocco, Singapore, South Africa, Canada and Malaysia. It was quite the experience, wandering around the city in our caps and gowns.

The week before graduation 
We were starting to rehearse for the actual ceremony and everyone paid careful attention, partially because of the significance of the ceremony and partially because it was to be livestreamed on Youtube for pretty much the whole world to see. As mentioned before, I attend an international school, so we have a different system of doing graduation ceremonies. For example, each graduate has to have a flag bearer to carry the flag of the graduate's country. In my case, it was my little sister holding the South African flag to represent my nationality. After rehearsal, our class brainstormed ideas for graduation. Everyone was furiously trying to find the right words for their speeches, we were attempting to complete our senior slideshow, brainstorming ideas for a school gift and we practiced walking in heels on stage for the actual ceremony. It was a bit of a stressful time, given we had a week left and were still a bit unprepared.  

The Day of Graduation 

Graduation day was a lot more emotional than I had personally anticipated. My stomach was a kaleidoscope of cocoons and it felt like million of butterflies were about to emerge at any given moment. The actual graduation ceremony started off with the director of our school asking the guests to stand up. After we had been seated, there were a few speeches, a song performed by the staff choir and later, the director of our sister school in Zambia popped up on the screen to wish us luck for our futures and say thank you for the support our school community has given them. 

My best friend, JJ

Next, we moved on to speeches. It started with a speech given by a member of the staff, chosen by the students. We decided to ask a wonderful man, who we call Masoni (occasionally Kansas). The reason for this is because he is not only our teacher, but a friend. Simply put, our class agreed he is the best teacher we've ever had. After Masoni's speech, it was time for the students to personally address the audience and give their speech.
Class of 2016 with our favourite teacher, Masoni

 Every graduate gave a lovely speech. The speeches were almost as diverse as their readers; some speeches were filled with thank you's, others were very direct, a few were nostalgic, some were thought-provoking and the remaining, filled with humor. After the speeches, on the screen behind us, a slideshow which the seniors had created,appeared. It showed our transition from childhood to early adolescence, as well as all of our favourite memories. When the slideshow finished, the graduates were asked to rise and  move our cerulean tassels from the left to the right.

We then threw our caps into the air. As we did so, we shed our high school selves, with all of our friends and families watching. The audience was clapping, cheering, laughing, smiling. Our friends were applauding, we were looking at each other in disbelief as the photographer captured the last of our high school memories. Graduation was over in the blink of an eye. Twelve years of school. Gone. Just like that..

Thursday, 9 June 2016

⚡ Girls Night Out Collab ⚡

Good company makes for a great night out, and what better company than 3 of my best blogging friends? I have collaborated with all of these girls in the past. Francoise was actually the first person I ever collaborated with and we did a Holiday Inspired Look in 2015. Jenny and I did a Spring Makeup Look collaboration a while back and my most recent look was a Date Night makeup look which Cephy and I partnered up for.  For today's post, the four of us decided we wanted to create a Girls Night Out Look and add a pop of colour. I hope you enjoy the look I created and remember to check out the other blogs!

I started off with moisturizer, using the De Tuinen Dag & Nacht Aloe Vera Creme and applying that all over my face by patting it into my skin. Patting instead of rubbing is a Japanese beauty trick, as it's less irritating for skin, great for sensitive areas as well as areas with thin skin (such as around eyes). Additionally, more product gets absorbed into your skin than in your hands.
Because I already moisturized, I skipped primer and went in with my Kiko Milano Matt Mousse foundation in '11'. I buffed this in using a Real Techniques Buffing Brush. 

To brighten up my under-eyes and conceal any dark circles, I used the Kiko Milano  Concealer in 'Natural'. 

Brows & Eyes

 I like to keep my eyebrows very natural when I fill them in. My main goal is always to create a neat shape and fill in any sparse areas. I filled in my eyebrows using Wet n Wild's Brow Kit and  used the Urban Decay Perversion 

Mascara to lengthen and darken my lashes. This is definitely my favourite high end mascara as it actually does what it says! The slogan for the mascara is 'Bigger, Blacker, Badder.

As for eyes, I usually like to add a little bit of shimmer when I go out. I tend to stick to neutral eyeshadows, but this time I wanted a bit of colour so I opted for a subtle pink/purple eye look.  I used the shade 'Beans are White' from my Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette in my crease and outer corners before going in with 'Warm Notes' from the same palette and applying that on my eyelid. 

To achieve a pink glossy lip, I applied the Urban Decay Naked lipgloss in 'Naked.'
Let me know which other looks you'd like to see and feel free to submit your makeup looks, art pieces, poetry, films etc to and have them featured! 

What do you think of this makeup look? Is it something you'd wear on a night out?  

~ Miah ~
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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A Recipe For Clean Eating | Guest Post #2

It isn't always easy to fuel your body with clean, nutritious food. Our lives are busy, and preparing healthy food takes some time. Being a young person in the world today is especially hard, because you are often subject to your parents eating habits or the eating habits of someone else. Advertisers are pushing chips, soda, and sugar into our faces day and night. Along with that, popular fad diets constantly fill our heads with false hope of overnight six packs and perfect bikini bodies. Realistically, if we want to get our bodies and minds on a better track to clean eating and healthy living, we have to put in some work. I like to think of clean eating as the best way of life; fueling your body with premium gasoline to keep you running strong! What we put into our body affects every aspect of our life, so we need to think about that and start changing our habits for the better.
If you are a young person that is trying to get familiar with clean eating, I have a few tips to help you get started:

1. Make your goals known to your family. 

I have watched several of my young cousins, friends, and in-laws get on their path to healthier eating, and they always start with informing the family that they won't be eating junk any more. It helps everyone to put their habits into perspective, and it keeps the people closest to you from parading cupcakes in your face. Tell your parents or whoever you live with that you want to eat healthier and get fit, let them know that you are serious about this and that you want to do it right. Get their input and perhaps invite them to join you. Not everyone will be interested, so you'll have to be prepared for the fact that sometimes, you'll be eating salad while everyone else is eating ice cream...but you'll learn that that's okay!

2. Learn what clean foods REALLY are. 

Clean eating, to me, means limiting processed foods and eating whole, real foods that contain ingredients that are easy to pronounce. If you shop along the perimeter of the store, you'll see a lot of clean, real foods. Veggies, fruits, lean meats and seafood, rice, beans, nuts, seeds, eggs, spices, almond milk, greek yogurt. These are some of your basic clean foods. Start practicing eating more of these clean foods every day and less fast food.

3. Ask for help. 

Sometimes you will need help with meal-prep, help with dinner ideas so that your food doesn't get too boring, or support during your workouts. Don't be afraid to ask someone for help. The people that love you will be more than glad to support you in any way that they can.

4. Have a goal schedule and stick to it. 

Your goals should be small, reasonable, and reachable. If you set goals that are too large and too general (like losing 60 pounds), you won't have the small daily reminders that keep you on the right track. So, for example, set a goal to stop drinking soda for the whole week. If you succeed, great! If you mess up, start again tomorrow. Set small weekly goals and rewards for yourself, and you will feel the motivation to stay on track.

5. Work on balance. 

We all need to find balance in life. Not everyone is going to be a gym rat with six pack abs, and that is okay. What we really need to have in our life is healthy bodies and happy hearts. So balance might mean exercising and eating clean all week, and then having a cupcake and some soda at the weekend barbecue. Don't beat yourself up about small amounts of junk food, just do your best to eat healthy the majority of the time. I absolutely believe in the 80/20 rule, eating clean 80% of the time and eating whatever I want (within moderation) the other 20%. I say "within moderation" because huge portions of junk food are never good, no matter how much healthy food you eat. Have the occasional snack, but make sure it is just one serving.

We're living in a world that is somewhat off-balance. We're either pushed toward being perfectly thin, air brushed models, or we're bombarded with junk food, energy drinks, and sugar. We have to fight the tendency to take the easy route, and put in the effort that it takes to eat clean. Baby steps in the right direction 

Written by: Cate Rosales

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Monday, 6 June 2016

Puerto Rican Coffee, Cruelty Free Beauty, Music & More | May Favourites ✰

I am a little late on May Favourites, but I decided to share them nonetheless. In this months version of things that I loved, I tried to include a variety of items such as cruelty-free beauty products, books I enjoyed reading, quirky websites and even a few personal items. Enjoy!

Miscellaneous / Personal

Faux Leather Journal
I love journaling; in this one I write blog ideas, plans, daily thoughts and reminders. It is basically my brain in a book - except a lot more organized!

The polaroid camera I use to take all of my polaroids actually belongs to my sister, however, we occasionally we share it. I have a ton of photos that I've taken on it but so far, my favourite is this one I took of my boyfriend.

Clay Necklace
My best friend from my home country (South Africa) gave me this necklace as a gift before I came back to the Netherlands, where I currently stay. It is a clay necklace and the symbol represents strength and creativity. It's very different to my other jewelry which is why I like it, and I wear it often when I am homesick.

Food & Drink

Puerto Rican Coffee
One of my friends in the United States mailed this to me a while back and I love it. It's honestly the best coffee I've ever had. Not only is it absolutely delicious, but it is very rich and makes a huge cup for the amount that's in it. If you're a coffee lover like I am, this is a must try.

Beauty & Skincare

LA Girl Liquid Lipstick in 'Bazaar' 

 I love liquid lipsticks and this one from LA Girl is no exception. This is actually called    'Matte Flat Finish Pigment Glosses', but I find that to be a bit lengthy, so I just call it what it is: a liquid      lipstick. This one is in a deep pink and matches every skin tone perfectly. It's intensely pigmented and lasts for ages. It does crack a little bit when you drink, but stays on for the most part. Read the review here:

NARS Highlighter in 'Albatross'
'Albatross' is part of the Highlighting Blush series, which aims to give the skin a radiant glow instead of a wash of colour.
I'm a little late to jump on the bandwagon. To be honest, I didn't think this would be worth it as I've read many mixed reviews. Firstly, it looked way too light to suit my skin tone but  I decided to test it out myself and so I purchased it and I couldn't be happier. Not only is the actual product gorgeous and golden, but the sleek black packaging with a mirror inside the compact makes it look extra amazing.

Websites, Music & Books

Wattson on Instagram

I am absolutely obsessed with this Instagram account. Not only is it a colossal creative digital journal flooding with gorgeous, artistic photographs, but it is also a realm filled with inspiration. Be sure to have a look if you like architecture, film, unique fashion looks, and art with a powerful message. 

The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

I have two favourite books and this is one of them. If you're unfamiliar with this glorious piece of artwork, or if you just don't like reading, there is a movie version of it too and the plot is mostly the same. This book is so raw, hardhitting and perfectly captures that coming-of-age stage. Definitely a bit sad at times and I must include a trigger warning, but for the most part it's simply beautiful.

L.E.J 'Get Lucky' Cover
You may remember these three girls from a Summer mashup they did back in 2014 on their Youtube Channel. Well, that video went viral pretty quickly and they are quickly becoming a household name. Here is their latest cover:


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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

5 Things You Must Do This Summer! | Guest Post #1

The warm weather is quickly approaching  as we search for things to do this summer and although there will be lots to do with family and friends, there are just some things that are summer trademarks and that must be done. Here are 5 suggestions for what to do this summer!

1. Get To a Cottage
Yours, a friend’s, a family member’s, somebody’s trailer - just go. Get away from the city or your hometown. A cottage is a home away from home and it’s nice to experience mother nature once in a while. Pour a glass of wine, crack open a cold beer and relax in a private paradise with the people you love.

2. Go Beach or Go Home
Get some sun on the beach this summer and don’t be afraid to swim! It’s always refreshing to hop in the water during high temperatures. There’s just something about warm sand between your toes and that salty beach smell. Rent a sea-doo or bring a floaty and soak up some rays. Everyone benefits from Vitamin D. 

3. Boating
Go on a fishing trip, rent a boat, or book a cruise. It’s a great way to socialize or have an intimate get together. Sail across one of your favourite lakes and make sure to look back and take a picture of your city. Take in the fresh air. You’re sure to get double the tan on a boat so make sure to protect yourself. 

4. Hiking
Explore new trails to keep active this summer! Maybe you’ve always wanted to go to a well known provincial park, or visit that exclusive waterfall that no-one knows about. Bring a backpack, lots of water and food. A hat is usually the best for keeping cool, and be sure to bring waterproof sunscreen - you burn easily when breaking a sweat. At the end of your hike, you’ll feel exhilarated!

5. Camping
Don’t bring your phone, your iPad, or your laptop - unless you will be using it to play music. Camping is another way of escaping city life and taking in nature’s best assets. Put all of your worries behind you and relax your mind. Sit around the campfire and roast marshmallows. Tell stories. Laugh. Make memories with the people who mean the most to you. Fall in love. Make new friends. Enjoy the life that you are living!

It's always fun to travel and explore new places, so be sure to do just that this summer. You'll meet new people and make memories along the way. Create a story to tell and a summer that you'll never forget. 
What plans do you have this summer? Share them in the comments below. 

Written by: Michelle