Saturday, 25 June 2016

Inspiration Through Nina's Eyes | Guest Post #4

When inspiration, an explosive force of breathlessly and ceaselessly enigmatic magic, seeps into our pours to expand horizons of colour and broaden known possibility we act upon its brilliance to pursue our own dreams. It sparks a light of motivation, leaving fingers tingling to type, paint, create…

My sources of inspiration infinitely exist all around me when called upon for assistance. They can be perfectly captured at the shore of another world, tides reaching my feet, under a sky of changing scenery, with the escape of music as the most euphoric transportation device to ease my mind. To reach a consciousness of life that is purely perceptive to only my eyes. A space in which memories flow, ideas are harnessed, winds sing in my ears of the sights seen, and feelings expressed. Extracting strength from the earth in sights of wondrous growth and hope.

The sound of surging power in waves of change beating back at our thoughts. A place to find the ultimate inspiration- in the epicenter of peace and the birth of creativity. With the smell of turpentine and the sight of white paper, I am instantly inspired by the temptation to create. Scents such as vanilla incense also fuel excitement to slow down my days and search for thepages of the poetry that allow me to recede into reading and writing frenzies. Sylvia Plath’s anthology, Ariel can shoulder that inevitability. 

Words; thunderous and emotive always inspire the frantic jumble of brainstorming to follow with searches for pens of all colours, fruity teas and Alt-J to celebrate the process.

My ever-expanding art book collections are always assured to inspire as well as the sensation of leaping off a train into the encapsulating attraction of the heart of our innovative city, absorbing the flavour of youthful energy in fashions, art exhibitions, architectural stimulation, fast-paced blurs of reality, captures of a camera’s shutter. Long days and longer nights of exploration of thought inspire deeply rooted urges to create in times where loneliness can enhance truth of self, whilst the world sleeps and stars sparkle.

My friends and their radiant natures are too, instantaneously refreshingly inspirational. 

Change can appeal to inspire- heads peering out of fast-forwarded cars, travel, new places and faces, richness in experience…

Captions inspired by nighttime driving into moonlight, singing to Lana del Rey, sensationalism of human connection, love and light, all such things are the epitome of the inspiration that drives my creativity forward in abundance. A power of the noticed, incorruptible beauty in this chaotic life.

Written & Photographed by: Nina Howell

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