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Healthy Mind, Healthy Skin | Guest Post #5

Phone, check. 
Wallet, check. 
Gym clothes, check. 
Make-up bag, check. 
Morning attendance, taken. 

While transitional outerwear is important for switching daytime activities to its counterpart; transitional face is a must. It is a dance from one layer of facial paint to another, resulting in exasperation. Although picking the next pink lipstick is thrilling, remembering to put it on is a different story. In a society where lack of make-up requires justification (read “Why I don’t Wear Makeup” by all-hail Man Repeller) here are five cliché things for I-woke- up-like- this skin that does not require advance level of contouring.

Coming from an everyday woman, here are my not so secret tips:

Eat, Drink, Sleep

Work-it- out

Home Spa

Stress Less
Just try.

Cleanse it out