Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Healthy Mind, Healthy Skin | Guest Post #5

Phone, check. 
Wallet, check. 
Gym clothes, check. 
Make-up bag, check. 
Morning attendance, taken. 

While transitional outerwear is important for switching daytime activities to its counterpart; transitional face is a must. It is a dance from one layer of facial paint to another, resulting in exasperation. Although picking the next pink lipstick is thrilling, remembering to put it on is a different story. In a society where lack of make-up requires justification (read “Why I don’t Wear Makeup” by all-hail Man Repeller) here are five cliché things for I-woke- up-like- this skin that does not require advance level of contouring.

Coming from an everyday woman, here are my not so secret tips:

Eat, Drink, Sleep

Eat clean. Drink water. Sleep more. What we eat manifest itself in different forms. Sometimes as non-period bloating, sometimes as landscaped skin. Just like abs are mostly made in the kitchen, the way to flawless skin goes through the tummy. Antioxidants such as blueberries, pomegranates, and nuts not only taste good but help fight the rebels called free radicals in our bodies. According to woman’s health, neutralizing these radicals lead to increase in collagen production. A.K.A. glowing skin. Adding drinking warm lemon water to morning routine is not only a refreshing change from the caffeine roller coaster but also beneficial for enhancing natural beauty. Water. Our body is 70% water. When dehydrated,
some suffer from migraines but we all suffer from saggy and loose skin. Drink water to feel refreshed and look fresh. Sleep. Healing occurs when one is in the dream wonderland; mentally and physically. Dark circles may be the most common unwanted appearance, lack of sleep undermines skin rejuvenation.

Work-it- out
Yes, apparently hitting the gym has more benefits than say, shredding pounds. Run outside. Do whatever exercise that makes you happy. According to Audrey Kunin, MD, through working out pores open up, letting go of excessive dirt and oil otherwise trapped in the skin. Voila, radiant glow. Furthermore, because exercise increases blood flow, more nutrients are transferred to your skin, nourishing it. Plus, due to increase in adrenalin production, exercise actually induces happiness.

Home Spa
After all the added stress, relaxing is necessary to maintain sanity. Muscles are tense, jaw clenched, breathes shortened. Relaxing is easier said than done. Fill in the tub, spread in sea salt. The water runs, added lavender oil takes over the sensory organs. While laying down, remembering to breathe steadily and slowly, pores open and toxins are flushed out. Once out, relaxation is accompanied by radiance due to out-flux of toxins. Other beneficial oils that I mostly use are argan, avocado and coconut.

Stress Less
Just try.

Cleanse it out
Juicing might be the most dreadful word in the dieting world; however, when done appropriately it is paramount for getting rid of toxins. It does not feel good during but boy it feels wonderful when the skin is soft and clear. One of the main reasons for deteriorated skin is processed fat rich diet. Unlike commercial juices, home-mad raw juices are less in concentrated sugar and high in antioxidants, nutrients, and enzymes. Maybe after forgetting the foremost important product the countless time, or just due to pure laziness I have decided to pay attention to natural ways to achieve radiance skin instead of looking for the next cleansing product. By no means I am a dermatologists, nor I have a medical background; however, I have implemented methods mentioned above to my daily life and saw major improvements not only in my skin but also in my mental and physical health. One of the most important things to highlight is to know ones skin. Do what works best for you. Being comfortable under my own skin while switching from work to any given event is truly sensational.

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