Friday, 19 August 2016

A Love Letter To Summer

Three months passed in the blink of an eye. Perhaps it can be measured in the graduation caps my senior class threw into the air, the number of kilometres I flew home to South Africa, or the laughs I shared with friends I may never see again. Maybe it can be measured by the cups of coffees I had a day, the amount of people that slept over at my house, the boxes I packed before I moved out or the number of goodbyes I said before I left. Either way, this year summer was 3 months filled with adventure.
~ Photo taken by James Stewart ~

Some mornings I woke up and the sky was overcast, with the grass still damp outside from the night's rain. Mornings like these I spent lazing around in bed reading a book, or sitting on the kitchen counter drinking a cup of green tea with a towel wrapped around my hair after my long shower. Other times, the sun kissed me good morning through the little gap in my curtains. I'd then be out the door with a coffee in one hand and fruit in the other, on my way to meet up with friends.

My friends and I had limited time but nobody ever really mentioned it. We spent time together, each of us secretly stressing about the future. University, high school relationships, close friendships and where in the world we would be going crossed our minds. These thoughts began to pack themselves on top of each other, like bricks on our shoulders, until they eventually built a wall that separated us from discussing it. The thoughts, however, were quickly dismissed with a reassuring smile or an inside joke. 

The beach was a colossal getaway this summer. Staying in the Netherlands means lots of rainy days and overcast summers, so being home in South Africa and at the beach was wonderful. Yes, it was winter but the winter in South Africa can be warm and even comparable to Spring in the Netherlands. 

I absolutely love the beach; sun shimmering on the water like thousands of tiny diamonds, sand squished between my toes and stuck to the palms of my hands. I love just walking along the beach and seeing other people's footsteps and wondering where they were going and where they are now. I like the way the sun lightens my hair and how my skin tastes like saltwater after a long swim. The beach is great to get your mind off things; I enjoy lazing in the sun on a large picnic blanket and splitting oranges in quarters with friends. Some days, I watch the surfers catch waves. Other days, my friends and I participate in beach clean-ups or enjoy lunch close to the coast.

After I'm all sunned out, it's reluctant goodbyes and sleepy car rides home. It's sandy towels sprawled on the backseat of the car, warm bubble baths and scarfing down meals because I don't realize how hungry I am until I see the plate of food in front of me. Summer of 2016, especially, has taught me to be grateful for the things and people who are still in my life. It taught me to embrace the future - no matter how uncertain it seems or how scared I may be. This summer was unforgettable thanks to new friends, old favourites, family I hadn't seen in a long time and places I was fortunate enough to visit. Seven weeks of my summer were spent in the Netherlands and the remaining five weeks were spent home in South Africa, which you can read all about here

I hope you enjoyed this little rambling. Regular posts following schedules will be up again on Monday!

~ Miah ~ 

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