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Introducing Tova | Guest Post #6

I belong to Plastic Society, an online beauty group. I joined them a few months ago and I was overwhelmed with the positivity I was receiving. Girls (and sometimes even boys) were giving each other feedback, constructive criticism, and compliments. Plastic Society is incredibly active and interactive. There is a themed weekly challenge and as of recently, members in the group have even collaborated with each other. With ages ranging from 17 to 41, anyone is welcome. This group has helped me with not only confidence by sharing my makeup looks, but also helped me to meet people with similar interests.

This is how I met Tova.

After a series of interactions such as comments, feedback, likes and eventually follows across social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, we decided to collaborate on a Space/Galaxy inspired makeup look. The best part of all of this was that Tova is a cruelty-free beauty addict too, so it was great to be able to discover new brands when working with her. Since Tova lives in Sweden and I live in the Netherlands, it was tricky to always stay in touch but over the past two weeks, we decided it'd be great to have her on my blog. We had some time to sit down and chat and here's what she's got to say.

I just turned 19 and moved to Stockholm, Sweden, but my real home and heart is back in Hälsingland. If I had to describe myself in three words, I would say: honest, compassionate, impatient. Beauty for me is feeling comfortable in my own body. The last few years been a journey for me and my self esteem, I’ve been struggling a lot with my looks.

When I found makeup as a hobby, it somehow helped me. It did, as for many, start with covering up my bad skin, fixing my bushy brows, etcetera etcetera. But then, it became an outlet for creativity and expressing myself. I didn’t think of it as a way to cover myself anymore. I became less conscious about my face and eventually I didn’t feel the need to use makeup to cover myself up.

I started dabbing in to cruelty-free makeup in the beginning of 2014, but I was weak (and really in to the MAC hype) and it wasn’t until 2015 that I really went cruelty-free. I just didn’t feel comfortable buying from brands that think money is more important than ethics and I would rather support companies that are in line with my personal values. I went vegan in April this year, and since I already only bought cruelty-free makeup, it felt like an pretty easy and natural step to only buy vegan products from that date. Of course the fact that I went vegan for the animals was the big reason behind it, I avoid the exploitation of animals as much as I can, including animal ingredients in makeup.
I have plenty of favourite makeup brands! One is ColourPop. They have budget friendly pricing and the quality of the products is consistent and very good. Their range of shades are just amazing, and most of their products are vegan which is a huge plus! My favorite products are the lippie stix, eyeshadows and highlighters, they all have a holy grail status in my collection. I also like Catrice, another budget friendly brand! They have products in every category, though I think it’s unfortunate that most of their face products are only suited for fair skin. I have, however, found a lot of staple products such as the Prime and Fine powder, Velvet Skin concealer and Glam & Doll False Lashes mascara. I run out of those products every few months so it’s nice to have an affordable alternative on hand. They also have a lot of vegan products.

For high-end products, I prefer NARS. Their packaging is so sleek and minimalistic. It feels sturdy and luxurious! They have the absolute best foundation and lipsticks in my opinion - the Sheer Glow foundation and Audacious lipsticks. I was sooo happy to find out those are vegan and many of their products are! It’s a brand that feels safe to splurge on.

The galaxy face paint (where I collabed with Miah!) was really fun as well because I got to combine beauty makeup with more traditional painting.

I draw inspiration mostly from other artists, and foremost from Instagram. Not only makeup artists, other medias can be just an inspiring. I’m always looking for new colour combinations, shapes, techniques and mediums that I could use in my makeup looks. I have a folder full of screenshots, for the times I feel bored and uninspired. Seeing talented artists work makes me want to get better! There’s been times where an idea for a look has just popped in to my head, remembering it on the other hand...

One thing that’s kind of my comfort zone (at least when it comes to technique) and I always enjoy are really bright, blown out eyeshadow. I don’t hesitate when I’m about to blend out neon red eyeshadow to my temples! It’s super easy but so bold and fun. I also like detail work. So, I’ve been doing some less wearable looks lately, for example flower freckles and galaxy face paint! It requires some technique and a steady hand, more challenging looks are important to improving, of course. Yes, it may seem vain, but I do like looking “pretty”. Our society has impacted me, and most young girls, in a way that makes me feel the need to “fix” myself - that is just the sad truth. I got to live with it but I want to believe that I am part of the generation that will change the perception of beauty - whatever that actually is.

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