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Wet n Wild 'I'm Getting Sunburned' Color Icon Trio | Review

I've had a slight obsession with Wet n Wild Cosmetics after I tried one of their Mega-Last lipsticks. Ever since then, my greedy little hands have been curious to see what other products Wet n Wild have to offer. I own two of their eyeshadows so far; one is a single shadow in the shade 'Suede' and the other is a Color Icon Eyeshadow in the shade 'Walking On Eggshells'. That palette was very neutral, so I decided to experiment with something a little different and that is how I stumbled across the 'I'm Getting Sunburned' Color Icon Eyeshadow trio. 

There are three colours in the palette (hence the word trio -  nice, Miah). The first colour appears to be a medium pink for the browbone, the second is a dark shimmery brown for the crease and the last is a warm gold for the eyelid. My favourite colour is the dark brown, as it's perfect for a smokey eye look and it's buildable too. The gold is great for an inner corner highlight as well as to create a …

Pages of My Passport | Travel Post

There is something magical about traveling overseas. It starts with the excitement of packing; there are so many questions that come with each item you place into your suitcase. What will the weather be like? What kind of adventures will I get up to? Should I bring this pair of jeans, just in case? The excitement continues the minute you walk into the airport. It is chaotic - especially if you’re just starting to explore the world.  No one knows you, and you don’t know your surroundings - it’s a temporary fresh start, a brand new adventure.
I started traveling when I was 9 years old. The first country I visited was Singapore. People weren’t kidding when they said it’s a fine country - you literally get fined for everything. There are a lot of rules that were difficult to wrap my head around, however now that I’m older, it is really common sense and all about respect for one another and the community in which people live. Singapore was great to explore and have some of the most amaz…