Monday, 26 September 2016

Chit Chat with Jessica Snow | Guest Post #7

As you may already know, I belong to an online community called Plastic Society. In this group, there are weekly challenges and interactive activities. The weekly challenges consist of admins posting a certain them and members then submitting their looks. Sometimes these are individual 'projects', other times we work in groups. There is also the Snap Takeover, where members takeover the group's snapchat for the day. This is where we get a little bit more personal, by show ing each other where we live, what we do in our daily lives and where we like to go. 

There are no rewards, it's merely a hobby, but then again, it's so much more. Through this group I've improved on my makeup skills, learned new techniques and met so many wonderful people, one of them who is Jessica Snow. Today she discusses her experience with Plastic Society, her favourite brands and what beauty means to her.

One of the other administrators, Mariana, and I had met on a beauty app called Makeup Social. We had always gotten along really well and had very similar taste when it came to makeup artistry. We were a part of a non-beauty related group where I had come up with the idea of doing weekly makeup challenges in order to interact with members and challenge myself to do looks I wouldn't normally think of. After about two or three challenges the themes became very popular and I began to brainstorm. After some long talks with Mariana we agreed that we felt we wanted a new space specifically for beauty chat and makeup challenges. That is when the idea of Plastic Society was created.

When we created Plastic Society we really just wanted a safe and positive environment where we could learn and grow as artists, showcase our work, and hopefully help others who were trying to expand their skills as well. I didn't really have set expectations for how large the group would become or how many members would join. That was not the focus or the priority. We were happy to have our close knit group of beauty lovers and even if we had stayed at 50 or 100 members we were satisfied. It has been such an honor to get to know all of our wonderful and talented members. I consider many of the group members my closest friends now. As time went on the group has grown beyond any expectation I could have ever had. I'm proud to say we are now at nearly 1,000 members. That is small in comparison to a lot of other groups on Facebook but I don't think anything compares to the dynamic of our group. Everyone has really gotten to know one another on a personal level and the level of participation within the group is beyond what I have seen in groups with 10 times the members we have. I'm very proud of what we have grown into.

I have been experimenting with makeup for as long as I can remember. I come from a family that is heavily involved in art, fashion and beauty. My uncle is a successful clothing designer so from a young age I was surrounded by artists. I was always fascinated by art in all forms. I was extremely creative and enjoyed drawing using whatever I could get my hands on. That meant on walls, furniture, toys... I once took my great aunt's red Chanel lipstick out of her purse and drew a mural on the underside of her white kitchen table. My love for makeup really intensified when I was about 14 years old. I wore a full face of makeup to school every single day throughout high school.

I really enjoy brands that are bold and colorful. I've worked in veterinary medicine for fifteen years so I also try to be conscious of cruelty free brands and try to stay away from brands that test on animals whenever possible. My favorite brands recently have definitely been Suva Beauty, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Sugarpill, and Mehron. I have to confess that I don't use much drugstore makeup, although I do love NYX Cosmetics.
To me beauty is creativity. It's being true to yourself and unapologetic. When you are comfortable in your own skin and knock down the barriers that surround you; I feel that is true beauty. I am a big believer that embracing what makes you unique is also what makes you beautiful.

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Wet n Wild 'I'm Getting Sunburned' Color Icon Trio | Review

I've had a slight obsession with Wet n Wild Cosmetics after I tried one of their Mega-Last lipsticks. Ever since then, my greedy little hands have been curious to see what other products Wet n Wild have to offer. I own two of their eyeshadows so far; one is a single shadow in the shade 'Suede' and the other is a Color Icon Eyeshadow in the shade 'Walking On Eggshells'. That palette was very neutral, so I decided to experiment with something a little different and that is how I stumbled across the 'I'm Getting Sunburned' Color Icon Eyeshadow trio. 

There are three colours in the palette (hence the word trio -  nice, Miah). The first colour appears to be a medium pink for the browbone, the second is a dark shimmery brown for the crease and the last is a warm gold for the eyelid. My favourite colour is the dark brown, as it's perfect for a smokey eye look and it's buildable too. The gold is great for an inner corner highlight as well as to create a halo eye. Something that I noticed was that the pink turned out to be a lot lighter than I expected. As you can see in the photos below, it looks like a frosty blue. I also struggle to blend it, because when I do, the colour disappears. The brown and the gold are absolutely perfect, though! 

The packaging is sleek and has an acrylic 'lid' so you can see the colours. Note that colours are not always how they appear to be, so it's good to swatch in store. The palette comes with a mini angled brush and a sponge for application, though I usually just apply the eyeshadow with brushes instead of the applicators that tend to come with the palettes. 

Wet n Wild is known for their pigmentation, and the quality of this product is almost as good as some of my Urban Decay eyeshadows. Not only are they affordable, but they suit every skin tone. I'm happy with the palette - for the price, it gives a ton of pigmentation that a lot of high end brands don't offer. In the pictures, I am wearing the "pink" shade as an all over lid colour, the dark brown as a crease colour and the gold as an inner corner highlight and underneath my brow, which unfortunately didn't show up that well on camera. Overall, the shadows are buttery, buildable, blendable and long-lasting!

Now for more exciting news: I am doing a giveaway on two Wet n Wild products! The first is a Color Icon Trio and the second is one of their Mega-Last Lipsticks - both the palette and the lipstick are reader's choice! In order to enter, follow me on any social media and comment on this post. If you already follow me, you're automatically entered in the competition. Winner will be announced on the 8 October. 

Do you own any this palette or any other Wet n Wild's products? Let me know in the comments what you liked and which Wet n Wild products are worth trying out! 

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Monday, 19 September 2016

Pages of My Passport | Travel Post

There is something magical about traveling overseas. It starts with the excitement of packing; there are so many questions that come with each item you place into your suitcase. What will the weather be like? What kind of adventures will I get up to? Should I bring this pair of jeans, just in case? The excitement continues the minute you walk into the airport. It is chaotic - especially if you’re just starting to explore the world.  No one knows you, and you don’t know your surroundings - it’s a temporary fresh start, a brand new adventure. 


I started traveling when I was 9 years old. The first country I visited was Singapore. People weren’t kidding when they said it’s a fine country - you literally get fined for everything. There are a lot of rules that were difficult to wrap my head around, however now that I’m older, it is really common sense and all about respect for one another and the community in which people live. Singapore was great to explore and have some of the most amazing live plays close to the beach where you get to watch people perform a story about Singapore’s history. I have also visited Hong Kong. It was less exciting for me personally, but I was amazed at the night markets. Thailand was excellent for shopping. My family and I stayed in a hotel in Phuket. Days were spent lazing by the pool, exploring flea markets and getting familiar with local culture. Street food was such a wonderful treat - from fresh fruit to roasted insects, everything was on the menu. 


The first countries I visited in Europe were France, Italy, Germany and Croatia. France was incredible, but not for the reasons why people spoke about it, ie the Eiffel Tower. The shopping centres, beautiful accents and delicious bakeries were my favourite part about visiting France. The Eiffel Tower was less enjoyable; I did not anticipate all of the long queues. Something that was incredibly special was how the Eiffel Tower lights up in the evenings. The Louvre museum is also a must see, if you have the time. It’s usually crowded so it is best to go in the morning. 


Italy is stunning in Summer. It gets incredibly hot, but there’s lots to do and lots to take photographs of. It’s one of my favourite places to visit and not just for the pasta. There are water taxis, amazing art galleries, street artists outside of the colosseum, gladiators to take pictures with and market stalls where you can purchase cheap souvenirs. The leaning tower of Pisa is excellent to visit in Summer too.  Be sure to bring a picnic blanket and a few snacks and enjoy the afternoon watching other tourists pretend to hold up the tower. 


Belgium was fun to explore. I've visited it a few times and though it's not one of my favourite countries, it's one that I've made the most memories in. I enjoy visiting Germany during the holiday season. There’s usually lots of Christmas markets where it is incredibly festive. Munich is lovely to go to in the Springtime and explore places that the locals go. Croatia is lovely in the summertime too; there’s many stores to explore, ice cream shops with loads of different flavours and of course, the gorgeous beaches to laze on. The earlier you get there, the better. It becomes crowded in the afternoon, so be sure to lay your towel out in the sun to mark your territory!

Other European countries I have visited include Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Austria, similar to Germany, is wonderful in the winter. There are Christmas markets too but the atmosphere is very different. Germany is more lively, while Austria is more cosy. I stayed in Salzburg whilst I was there. The houses are faerie-like and the scenery is breathtaking. 

Switzerland was crowded in the wintertime. My family and I visited Jungfroujoch, which is the highest point in Europe. Here people can take cable cars up the mountains, go on ski trips or snowboard. My sister and I went into the caves and explored, there’s a museum and even the Lindt chocolate factory where you can see so many varieties of chocolate! In 2012, I visited the Netherlands - little did I know I would move there a year later. At the time, my family and I stayed in the Novotel in Amsterdam, which I personally think is overrated. If you want to explore the Netherlands, I suggest going to cities like Rotterdam and Utrecht. Amsterdam is popular for, dare I say it, weed and sex but if you really want to have a good time, go away from the tourist attractions and explore the places locals go. 

I have not travelled to many places in Africa. I’ve obviously been to South Africa (where I am from) and I highly recommend Cape Town in December, which is when it is Summer. There’s so much to do; swimming at the beautiful beaches, exploring table mountain, visiting the V&A Waterfront, dinner at Sea Point, high teas at the Twelve Apostles Hotel in Camps Bay.  Another place I have visited in Africa is Namibia, which is beautiful if you want a more stereotypical African experience; desert with cold nights, warm mornings, stunning sunrises and you can even meet African tribes/clans while trekking through the country. 

In Central America I have visited Costa Rica which is hands down my favourite travel experience. I really got familiar with the culture and that is something I’ll always treasure. The people were warm, friendly and so welcoming. Originally, it was a cultural exchange/volunteer programme that my school organised, in hopes of international students saving and raising awareness for the Leatherback Sea Turtles, but it became an experience of a lifetime. It was so exciting! I celebrated my 18th birthday there, in the middle of a rainforest, my group and I were evacuated from a beach because of high tide and I still stay in touch with some of the locals I met there. Meals consisted of rice and black beans, we mostly stayed in rainforests and cabins close to the beach, though we did spend a day in the city of our tour-guide. 

Traveling has opened my eyes and mind to so many things. By traveling, you become connected to the earth, the people that inhabit it and the diversity of language and cultures that are created. You will truly get a fresh perspective of the world. It doesn’t even need to be a new country; simply exploring a new city or taking a road trip is enough to get you familiar with the world you stay in. Trust me, you’ll fall in love with the world. Yes, there’s a lot of negativity and yes, we face global issues that urgently need to be addressed - but these issues are shoved into our faces so often that we forget there is some good in the world. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have to look too far to find it. 

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