Monday, 26 September 2016

Chit Chat with Jessica Snow | Guest Post #7

As you may already know, I belong to an online community called Plastic Society. In this group, there are weekly challenges and interactive activities. The weekly challenges consist of admins posting a certain them and members then submitting their looks. Sometimes these are individual 'projects', other times we work in groups. There is also the Snap Takeover, where members takeover the group's snapchat for the day. This is where we get a little bit more personal, by show ing each other where we live, what we do in our daily lives and where we like to go. 

There are no rewards, it's merely a hobby, but then again, it's so much more. Through this group I've improved on my makeup skills, learned new techniques and met so many wonderful people, one of them who is Jessica Snow. Today she discusses her experience with Plastic Society, her favourite brands and what beauty means to her.

One of the other administrators, Mariana, and I had met on a beauty app called Makeup Social. We had always gotten along really well and had very similar taste when it came to makeup artistry. We were a part of a non-beauty related group where I had come up with the idea of doing weekly makeup challenges in order to interact with members and challenge myself to do looks I wouldn't normally think of. After about two or three challenges the themes became very popular and I began to brainstorm. After some long talks with Mariana we agreed that we felt we wanted a new space specifically for beauty chat and makeup challenges. That is when the idea of Plastic Society was created.

When we created Plastic Society we really just wanted a safe and positive environment where we could learn and grow as artists, showcase our work, and hopefully help others who were trying to expand their skills as well. I didn't really have set expectations for how large the group would become or how many members would join. That was not the focus or the priority. We were happy to have our close knit group of beauty lovers and even if we had stayed at 50 or 100 members we were satisfied. It has been such an honor to get to know all of our wonderful and talented members. I consider many of the group members my closest friends now. As time went on the group has grown beyond any expectation I could have ever had. I'm proud to say we are now at nearly 1,000 members. That is small in comparison to a lot of other groups on Facebook but I don't think anything compares to the dynamic of our group. Everyone has really gotten to know one another on a personal level and the level of participation within the group is beyond what I have seen in groups with 10 times the members we have. I'm very proud of what we have grown into.

I have been experimenting with makeup for as long as I can remember. I come from a family that is heavily involved in art, fashion and beauty. My uncle is a successful clothing designer so from a young age I was surrounded by artists. I was always fascinated by art in all forms. I was extremely creative and enjoyed drawing using whatever I could get my hands on. That meant on walls, furniture, toys... I once took my great aunt's red Chanel lipstick out of her purse and drew a mural on the underside of her white kitchen table. My love for makeup really intensified when I was about 14 years old. I wore a full face of makeup to school every single day throughout high school.

I really enjoy brands that are bold and colorful. I've worked in veterinary medicine for fifteen years so I also try to be conscious of cruelty free brands and try to stay away from brands that test on animals whenever possible. My favorite brands recently have definitely been Suva Beauty, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Sugarpill, and Mehron. I have to confess that I don't use much drugstore makeup, although I do love NYX Cosmetics.
To me beauty is creativity. It's being true to yourself and unapologetic. When you are comfortable in your own skin and knock down the barriers that surround you; I feel that is true beauty. I am a big believer that embracing what makes you unique is also what makes you beautiful.

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