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Introducing Yasha Hennige | Guest Post

Today's blog post features 16 year old artist Yasha Hennige. He has his own, amazing style when it comes to his colourful and playful artwork, which all seemingly have an underlying message. 
Q:You have a very distinct drawing style, why do you like illustrating the way you do?
A: Drawing in a style that comes naturally makes it easier to communicate what I want to communicate. I enjoy drawing in this style because it allows me to focus more on the message I want to bring across with the artwork instead of having to focus on the style.
Q:What has been your favourite drawing to create so far? A: I am really bad at these types of questions. But I'll choose one of my recent drawings, from Instagram. 
Q: How did you start drawing? Did you discover your talent out of boredom or was there something that inspired you?

A: I have been drawing from a very young age. It started out as something I would do every now and then and then I started to incorporate it in my every day life. In class, o…

Foggy Skies & Tired Eyes | An A-Z Autumn Playlist

I am absolutely obsessed with the Autumn. Everything about it; from oversized sweaters, cinnamon pancakes, cozy fires, scented candles, Pumpkin Spice lattes (I'm basic, yes, I know) and of course the beautiful hues that range from emerald greens to crimson reds. One of my all time favourite things about Autumn, however, is creating an Autumn playlist. Whether you're happy, sad or somewhere in between, this playlist perfect for foggy skies and tired eyes. 
A Ariana Grande // Jason's Song Aurora // Runaway ASAP Rocky // L$D
B Broods // Bridges Bryson Tiller // Exchange
Beyonce // Hold Up
C Claire Wright // Foggy Eyes
D Drake & Sempha // Too Much
E Ed Sheeran // Bloodstream Eliza Doolittle // Makeup Sex
F Florence & The Machine // My Boy Builds Coffins
Fifth Harmony // I Lied
G G-Eazy // Some Kind of Drug
H Hozier // Arsonist's Lullaby Hollow Coves // The Woods Haux // Homegrown Haux // Caves Hein Cooper // Overflow Halsey // Haunting Hayley Kiyoko // Cliff's Edge
I Icarus // Home ft Auror…

Moving Out, University Life & A Blogging Break | Current Life Update ✩

Dear reader,  I haven't sat down and blogged an actual, personal post in a while. Today I figured I'd share a Current Life Update, just so some of you who have been following me from the very beginning will know what's going on and of course what'll happen with my blog in the future. This post is a bit of a chit-chat, so I'm just going to ramble. 

My student life started at this week long event called TOP Week, which is essentially just a week where students pray that they don't get liver failure. What happens is there are various activities planned throughout the day and parties in the evening. For example, there was a Beer Cantus, Swimming Pool party, visiting different student associations etc. 
It's an incredibly fun way for people to get to know one another before classes start, as well as a good way to discover the city where we are studying. TOP Week was about two months ago, in the late summer heat. Time caught up with us though - it's currently Oc…