Sunday, 23 October 2016

Introducing Yasha Hennige | Guest Post

Today's blog post features 16 year old artist Yasha Hennige. He has his own, amazing style when it comes to his colourful and playful artwork, which all seemingly have an underlying message. 

Q:You have a very distinct drawing style, why do you like illustrating the way you do?

A: Drawing in a style that comes naturally makes it easier to communicate what I want to communicate. I enjoy drawing in this style because it allows me to focus more on the message I want to bring across with the artwork instead of having to focus on the style.

Q: What has been your favourite drawing to create so far?
A: I am really bad at these types of questions. But I'll choose one of my recent drawings, from Instagram. 

Q: How did you start drawing? Did you discover your talent out of boredom or was there something that inspired you?

A: I have been drawing from a very young age. It started out as something I would do every now and then and then I started to incorporate it in my every day life. In class, on empty spaces of my notebook for example, I would then rip the page out if I liked the drawing and later recreate it on a bigger piece of paper. 

  I believe this practice was how I started to get into art more. It also helped that some family members are involved in and excited about art as well, such as my mum and her father, and I guess by seeing them create art as well I developed a greater interest.

There is, of course, something that inspires my drawings; a thought or emotion, or something that has happened recently for example. Art is how I process those feelings, to make them visual and to better understand them.

Q: There seems to be certain themes in your work or underlying messages. Could you tell us more about that?

I make drawings based on emotions and feelings and I try to represent them with something obvious, such as a tear which would represent sadness for example. Sometimes i make drawings just because I feel like making them too. 

I believe that there will always be a reason why you make something but sometimes that reason can be quite simple. As long as you can express yourself in whatever way you feel comfortable in. 

Q: How would you describe yourself as an artist and what do you hope to do or achieve with your art?
A: I wouldn't know how I would describe myself as an artist and it's very hard to put yourself in a category, but I know that I will keep making art because that is what I love doing. With my art I hope to inspire people and I hope to make them happy or view the world in a different way. I also hope to gain more knowledge and practice through making more art because there is endless room for improvement and discovery, which is an aspect that I believe is so great about art. 

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Foggy Skies & Tired Eyes | An A-Z Autumn Playlist

I am absolutely obsessed with the Autumn. Everything about it; from oversized sweaters, cinnamon pancakes, cozy fires, scented candles, Pumpkin Spice lattes (I'm basic, yes, I know) and of course the beautiful hues that range from emerald greens to crimson reds. One of my all time favourite things about Autumn, however, is creating an Autumn playlist. Whether you're happy, sad or somewhere in between, this playlist perfect for foggy skies and tired eyes. 

Ariana Grande // Jason's Song
Aurora // Runaway
ASAP Rocky // L$D

Broods // Bridges
Bryson Tiller // Exchange
Beyonce // Hold Up

Claire Wright // Foggy Eyes

Drake & Sempha // Too Much

Ed Sheeran // Bloodstream
Eliza Doolittle // Makeup Sex

Florence & The Machine // My Boy Builds Coffins
Fifth Harmony // I Lied

G-Eazy // Some Kind of Drug

Hozier // Arsonist's Lullaby
Hollow Coves // The Woods
Haux // Homegrown
Haux // Caves
Hein Cooper // Overflow
Halsey // Haunting
Hayley Kiyoko // Cliff's Edge

Icarus // Home ft Aurora

John Legend // PDA (We Just Don't Care)

Kwamie Liv & Angel Haze // Pleasure This Pain
Kings of Leon // Use Somebody

Little Dragon // Twice
Lianne La Havas // What You Don't Do
Lana Del Rey // Art Deco

Milo // Almond Milk Paradise
Melanie Martinez // Milk & Cookies
Melanie Martinez // Play Date

Norah Jones // Chasing Pirates

Oh Wonder // Dazzle

Party Of Five // Send Me On My Way

Queen // Somebody To Love

R.E.L // Before The Storm

Sia // Cheap Thrills

Twenty One Pilots // Polarize
The Pretty Reckless // Medicine
The Griswolds // Heart of A Lion

Usher // Bad Girl

Vallis Alps // Young

Walk The Moon // Avalanche

XXYXX // Alone

Yuna // Lullabies

Zella Day // 1965

Happy listening,
Miah xx 
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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Moving Out, University Life & A Blogging Break | Current Life Update ✩

Dear reader, 
I haven't sat down and blogged an actual, personal post in a while. Today I figured I'd share a Current Life Update, just so some of you who have been following me from the very beginning will know what's going on and of course what'll happen with my blog in the future. This post is a bit of a chit-chat, so I'm just going to ramble. 

My student life started at this week long event called TOP Week, which is essentially just a week where students pray that they don't get liver failure. What happens is there are various activities planned throughout the day and parties in the evening. For example, there was a Beer Cantus, Swimming Pool party, visiting different student associations etc. 

It's an incredibly fun way for people to get to know one another before classes start, as well as a good way to discover the city where we are studying. TOP Week was about two months ago, in the late summer heat. Time caught up with us though - it's currently October and all I have of TOP Week are a few stained t-shirts, stickers that have lost their stickiness, a whole bunch of leaflets (aka marketing schemes) and some really good friends. I'm still finding my feet here because I recently stepped - no, jumped - out of my comfort zone. I moved out of my family house in early September. I live with my friend and roommate Deb (who you'll probably meet eventually) in a two bedroom apartment. We've been sharing the apartment for about two months now, and there is still a couple of things we need to organize but for the most part, we're really sorted out! 

I think we [Deb and I] got really lucky when we decided to rent this apartment, as there are two bedrooms, a shared bathroom, shared kitchen, balcony, storage room and a living room - pretty luxurious for two students! The only thing that neither of us like is our conflicting schedules. I'm usually home a lot earlier than Deb is, meaning I have a ton of free time on my hands. Admittedly, I mostly use it to drink my bodyweight at the Starbucks on campus and occasionally to nap away my responsibilities. If not that, I'm stressing about mid-terms, furnishing our living room and worrying about encountering the little mouse in the attic which I lovingly named Timmy. 

If you didn't know, my family has moved back to South Africa, but I am staying here in the Netherlands to study Online Culture (Art, Media and Society). It's been strange living without my family, but I've made some friends at uni and I still keep in touch with my friends from Rotterdam, plus my boyfriend and I are still together so I don't feel too lonely. Despite living in the Netherlands for 3 years, I still feel somewhat of an outsider - sure I know how to get around and I can understand the language, but there are still cultural differences I am getting used to. 

My actual university is lovely - I am so happy that I decided to choose this course. It's ideal for someone like me who is into politics, what's happening all over the world, studying humans, writing essays etc.  University and moving out have kept me very busy though, hence the reason I haven't blogged.  Don't get me wrong, I love blogging with all my heart. It is an outlet, an expression and extension of my passion for all things beauty, cruelty-free and travel related. However, I hate uploading sporadically so I'm still trying to figure out a schedule that'd work.

For now, I have written a few posts for this blog and collaborated with other bloggers such as NellaCoco and BeautyAndTheNature, but I am going to take a little bit of a break until all my exams and projects are finished so I can fully devote myself to this, as it's not something I want to do half-heartedly. I hope to have a proper blogging schedule up soon, but for now, we're all just going with the flow. Hope things are groovy your side. If they're not, I hope that they will be better soon! 

Love always,

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