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3 Steps To A Happier & More Successful You | Inspiration Post

Everyone wants to be successful. Some of us are already there, some of us are halfway there, some of us have started our journey and some of us don't know how to start. Wherever you are, remember the most important thing is to keep going. 

Use What You Have
A lot of people think that they can't be successful if they don't have the expensive tools. Take photographers, for instance, who stop taking beautiful pictures because they don't have expensive cameras. I know creative souls who create amazing, high quality videos by filming through Snapchat, saving it and then using an editing programme like iMovie. It's super simple - all you need is motivation and imagination.

Stop Saying "I Can't"
How do you expect to believe in yourself if you keep telling yourself you can't achieve whatever it is that you're trying to do? Other people's opinions have an input in your decision (subconsciously) BUT the moment you tell yourself you can't do something, you'll believe it. Remember that.  Guard your speech, speak positive words and make your voice your reality.  Humans just like you did amazing things; walked on the moon, invented cars, created electricity, built ships and planed to literally cross the world. You are no different than those people. If you want to, you will. You're the only thing that is stopping you.

I used to dislike my curly hair and high cheekbones. When I got older, I realized they were two features that make me unique and who I am. Comparing yourself to other people does nothing good for you. No one lives a perfect life; those people you adore on social media only show you what they want you to see - the same thing you do when you decide to post something online. Try not to compare yourself. If you catch yourself comparing, remember you have good qualities, too. Every person is unique and in my humble opinion, the world would be super duper boring if we were all carbon copies of one another.

Stay groovy,

Miah xx


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