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Morphe Travel Brush Set | Review

Morphe Brushes have always been on my wishlist, so when BoozyShopsent me an email saying that they were finally stocking more Morphe products, I immediately searched for a brush set! The set that I purchased is called the Morphe Brushes 6 Piece Travel Set. The brush set is vegan, packaged in a zipper case and brushes are placed in plastic covers to prevent the bristles from getting damaged!

The first is the Duo Fibre Brush.

I adore it. The brush is absolutely perfect for stippling on foundations and gives an airbrushed effect to the skin, whilst still maintaining a natural look. I would recommend using this brush for medium coverage foundations and BB creams, though you can also use it for blending face powder.

Next is a regular OvalShadow Brush.
Oval shadow brushes are excellent for packing eyeshadows or pigments close to the eyelid as the slanted head provides precision. This brush has become an every-day go to for me as it's great for creating halo eyes.

The third brush in the set…