Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Morphe Travel Brush Set | Review

Morphe Brushes have always been on my wishlist, so when BoozyShop sent me an email saying that they were finally stocking more Morphe products, I immediately searched for a brush set! The set that I purchased is called the Morphe Brushes 6 Piece Travel Set. The brush set is vegan, packaged in a zipper case and brushes are placed in plastic covers to prevent the bristles from getting damaged!

The first is the Duo Fibre Brush.

I adore it. The brush is absolutely perfect for stippling on foundations and gives an airbrushed effect to the skin, whilst still maintaining a natural look. I would recommend using this brush for medium coverage foundations and BB creams, though you can also use it for blending face powder.

Next is a regular Oval Shadow Brush.
Oval shadow brushes are excellent for packing eyeshadows or pigments close to the eyelid as the slanted head provides precision. This brush has become an every-day go to for me as it's great for creating halo eyes.

The third brush in the set is an Angle Liner Brush.
I must admit, I do not use angled liner brushes often because I don't usually wear eyeliner. I've tried this out once and I use it to apply a thick (or thin, depending on the look I'm going for) line of shadow or gel liner. The brush gives really great definition and it's handy if you're someone who wears eyeliner on the daily.

Fourth we have a super duper soft Angled Blush Brush.

I hardly ever wear blush, so I use this brush to contour or to apply highlighter. The brush picks up colour really well and provides a medium application of colour. It's a go-to brush choice for a night out and I love that the shape of it gives so much definition and depth to the makeup look. It buffs the product into the skin perfectly and creates a flawless finish.

The fifth brush is a Foundation Brush.

I never use foundation brushes as I prefer my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. When I do use this brush, it's usually to apply a liquid concealer or foundation before I end up blending it out with a makeup sponge. The bristles are closely packed and have a tapered end, so the application of foundation is a little streaky at first and takes a while to really blend out.
Finally, the sixth brush in the set (and my personal favourite) is a Blending Brush.

Blending has never been this easy. A few windscreen-wiper motions and you're good to go! The soft bristles and length of the brush allow for control and quality application!

If you're looking for a new travel brush set, or if you're a beginner and wanting to try out some brushes, I'd definitely suggest this set. It's perfect for on the go, comes with it's own brush belt so that it's easy to store, the bristles are natural and synthetic and they are super easy to clean!

Let me know what you thought of this review. Would you purchase this set? What other Morphe brushes would you reccommend?

Love, Miah
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