Sunday, 22 January 2017

Agenderflux | Introducing Luke Ruiters

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've had a guest post, but today I'm back with a bang and featuring 22 year old fashion intern, Luke. Luke, who describes themself as a "vibrant 22 year old with big hair and big dreams", recently designed a graduate collection for the Design Academy of Fashion (DAF) in South Africa. 

Something that stood out to me was the name of Luke's collection, Agenderflux, which defies all boundaries of what men and women should be wearing and encourages people to wear what they feel comfortable in. Naturally, I thought this was a great idea as people should be comfortable and confident when wearing what they want. To cut to the chase, I had a little chat with Luke all about falling in love with fashion, inspirations and what Agenderflux really means:


"When I was about 6 or 7 years old I was obsessed with my mother’s style and her wardrobe and I was so confused as to why I don’t own a dress? I made sure I had barbies and I would create little outfits for them with old t-shirts that I’d cut up , I would tie them around my barbies." 

"My love for fashion started there and I was obsessed ever since.  My style is bold but clean at the same time, I’m experimental and very comfortable with my clothing choices. I studied fashion design with the intention to actually start a career in fashion styling as that's  more my gig and where I see myself going in the future."

"The title of my range is Agenderflux meaning 'when you identify as agender but have fluctuations where you feel masculine and feminine but not male or female', the title and meaning behind my range resonates well with my gender fluid concept for my graduate collection." 

"Gender and sexuality has always been a topic of conversation/debate surrounding my personal life since a young age and during my design process I felt moved and empowered to be an advocate for the gender fluid movement, my collection is not only about the beautiful pieces in the range but the strong message that I am conveying through the clothes. When it came to having my clothes displayed into the fashion show, I was nervous about it, but also not at the same time. I was so excited to showcase what I’ve been working on for the past few months and it felt so good hearing all the great feedback and love I got after presenting my graduate collection , after months of freakouts, sleepless nights and just craziness. So the end result was good and I was extremely thrilled and happy. If I could give any advice to aspiring designers it would be to believe in yourself and others will too. It probably sounds hella corny, but I live by this." 

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What did you think of this post? Leave some love in the comments. I personally loved the message behind the designs! Here's to defying boundaries of what people say you should be, and just being who you are.

Love, Miah
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  1. So rad to catch up with what you've been doing Luke! Beautiful work and words. xxx