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Winter Skincare Routine | Collab With Madeleine

Welcome back to my blog everyone. Today back with a Winter Skincare routine! As much as I love makeup, a good skincare routine is essential for a blank canvas and I achieve this by using unfragranced and mostly natural products on my face, as my skin is can be quite sensitive. My skin gets flaky  in winter, but it's usually normal to oily. Though I don't suffer from acne, I do get the occasional hormonal breakout, but I've fallen into the routine of creating a good skincare routine for myself to keep spots at bay.

The first thing I do to achieve this is remove my eye makeup. I cannot stress how important this step is. I like to use the Rituals Mild Eye Makeup Remover on a cotton round and gently wiping my eyes with it until the makeup is off. Then I proceed to wipe the rest of my makeup off with makeup wipes from 

After my makeup has been removed, I go into cleansing my skin. First I take my NIMUE Skin Technology Face Wash and apply it on the tips of my fingers before massaging it into my face. I rinse with lukewarm water to keep my pores open. 

After that step has been completed, I apply a face mask. Keep in mind that I only do this once a week, a daily face mask is not recommended. The face mask I am using today is the 7th Heaven Creamy Coconut Face Mask for Dry and Tired Skin, as my skin has been super dry and dehydrated due to the winter. 

When I don't apply a face mask, I just skip the above mentioned step and rinse my face with cold water instead of lukewarm. Thereafter, I use a toner from The Body Shop. This one is great as it is a Tea Tree toner and tea tree is an antioxidant which aids in removing impurities. It's perfect if you have a couple of blemishes like I do.

After I have finished toning (or applying a mask to) my face, I hydrate my skin once more by applying a creamy face lotion. The one I am currently using is by Figs & Rouge and it is their Derma Renewal Hydra Riche Night Cream. I got this in my StyleTone beauty subscription box - if you'd like to see which other products I got, click here

There we have it, my Winter Skincare Routine! This post is in collaboration with UK blogger Madeleine Woodley! She created a beautiful winter makeup look! If you'd like to see what Madeleine has created, you can show her some love on her blog here

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Thanks for reading and until next time!

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