Thursday, 2 February 2017

California's Creations | Interview with California Janson

20 year old California is a South African faerie currently studying Film in Brighton. When she's not studying or
creating short videos on her Youtube Channel, she's creating magic in the form of illustrations. From mermaids and moons, flowers and  foxes, paintings and portraits, she can do it all. Today I had a quick little chat with her, where she spoke about studying film, how she found her illustrating style and what her favourite drawings are thus far.

MK: What inspires you and how did you find your illustrating style? CJ: What inspires me? Hmmm. I’d have to say i’m hugely inspired by the natural and celestial worlds. I can’t seem to stop drawing creatures and beasts. Other than that interesting faces seem to urge me to draw them. I feel I’m still finding my style, so it is always nice to hear when people say my work is recognisable as my own. I don’t really try to put my own spin on things - it just naturally happens and I’m so grateful for that! MK: What has been your favourite drawing/painting to create so far?

CJ: Oh, I think one of my favourites is the girl sitting beneath a willow tree. I’m quite uncomfortable with drawing backgrounds and foregrounds, so for me getting this work completed was so sweet. I’m currently working on a similar piece, focussing on two boxing hares, and it feels like a right challenge.
MK: You currently study film at the Brighton Film School. What has that been like and does that motivate you to create more speedpaints and stop motions? CJ: I do indeed! It’s been quite up and down for me actually. I go through periods of completely worrying about the workload and having people rely on me, then other days I am loving it. I love the creative aspects of the school, when collaborations are fun instead of worrying. Unfortunately though my illustration has taken a backseat. I struggle to create speed paints due to lack of time. Maybe I just need to focus on making time for them. I am hoping to get back in to making stop motions soon. I find it so satisfying. It is a beautiful blend of film and illustration.
MK: There seems to be a consistent element of magic in your work. For example, your woodland creatures and moonlady illustration. Could you tell us more about that?
CJ: Magic? Ooooh, I’m glad you think so. Well, a large part of my childhood was spent on a farm. I think this is where my adoration for woodland creatures comes from. My parents would always talk to me about the faeries and I used to believe dragons and giants lived under the hills that we lived atop. I feel I’m drawing a world in which I’d love to reside in. By having these fantastical elements in my work it is as though I am creating my own little realm where it is earthy and enchanting and kind.

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*Illustrations have been copyrighted.

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  1. Cali is a darling girl who creates magic through her illustrations. I look forward to seeing the outcome of her time at Brighton Film School in the near future.
    Great interview Miah

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment! I'm sure Cali appreciates this, it was so wonderful to work with her for this post. Best always! xx