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Current Life Update: Spring Break, Travels & New Content!

It's Spring Break at the moment, though you wouldn't be able to tell because the weather is deceiving. Though we've had some sun rays  poking through the cloudy haze that is the Netherlands, I still require a coat or at least a few layers when heading outdoors as Spring is a bit chilly and only (officially) started five days ago. Then again, I'm from Africa, so anything below 20 degrees Celsius is cold for me.

But that's small talk.
I've gotten my first semester of university out of the way and I couldn't be more pleased with how well my first year is going. I've discovered new places, maintained my grades despite all the cups of coffee it took to stay awake during certain classes and I've met wonderful people. My mom always says the friends you make in university can turn into lifelong friends, and I really hope that's true because some of the people I've met are really great. 

Tilburg is nicer than I thought it'd be and I love living her…

Coastal Living | Guest Post ✰

Guest Post by Abby Strangward

Spring Night Glam Collab with BriixBeauty!

Hi, everyone! Today I've done a fun little collaboration with the gorgeous Brianna. We decided that, since it's Spring, we'd do a Day to Night Makeup Look! Brianna chose day and I'm going to show you how I achieved a simple but bold Spring look for the night time! A bonus is that this look is super easy to do, which is perfect if you're a beginner like I am!

           Makeup Products In Order of Application 

Brows - Wet n Wild Brow Kit
Eyeshadow Palette - Zoeva Cocoa Blend 
All over Lid Shade - 'Substitute for Love'
Crease Shade - 'Beans are White'
Center of Lid - 'Warm Notes'
Lash Primer - Manna Kadar Lash Extending Primer
Mascara - Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Foundation - Kiko Mat Mousse Foundation in '11'
Concealer - LA Girl Pro Concealer in 'Fawn' 
Bronzer - Urban Decay Naked On The Run Bronzer
Highlighter - Milani Powder Blush in 'Warm Petals'

Lip Primer  - essence Volume On Plumping Gloss
Lip Liner -  essenc…

Travels & Tales | Personal

Italy, 2008Sweltering summer Cathedrals and canals Feet burnt by flaming pavements Pizza parlors and giggling girls getting gelato Live music in lonely lanes
Singapore, 2009   Springtime Clean streets, Sentosa Island Fire dancers The Merlion’s mouth open in a silent roar Humid nights -- kick off the blankets Turn the pillow to get the cold side
Hong Kong, 2009 Summer in the city A stranger teaches me how to hold chopsticks at a local café Night markets This was the year of houndstooth print and sparkly accessories I buy a cover for my iPod which I bought to block out the street noise at night