Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Travels & Tales | Personal

Italy,     2008   
Sweltering summer
Cathedrals and canals
Feet burnt by flaming pavements
Pizza parlors and giggling girls getting gelato
Live music in lonely lanes

                Singapore, 2009     
Clean streets,
Sentosa Island
Fire dancers
The Merlion’s mouth open in a silent roar
Humid nights -- kick off the blankets
Turn the pillow to get the cold side   

Hong Kong, 2009   
Summer in the city
A stranger teaches me how to hold chopsticks at a local café
Night markets
This was the year of houndstooth print and sparkly accessories
I buy a cover for my iPod which I bought to block out the street noise at night
I eat delicacies that are not my norm and visit disneyland for the first time
I am nervous to take a photo with Mickey Mouse
Because I know it’s a man underneath
    (I’m scared of things that aren’t what they appear to be)

                Namibia, 2009   
                Scorching summer and red dirt underneath my fingernails
                Tropic of Capricorn
I eat half cut apples shaped like the moons I try to take pictures of
            Long road-trip from point A to point B
            We don’t really know where we’re going
(But we’re getting there)

Dubai, 2010   
Wild Wadi;
The skin on my nose and shoulders have started to peel
I haven’t experienced a heatwave in a long time
The force of the waves knock me out in a split second
Just my luck and an hour later I get stuck in a water tube
I focus on the glow-in-the-dark bracelet around my wrist to keep me calm
(I’m upset because no one said the tube gets narrower the further you go)

                            Croatia, 2010
Tranquil mornings by the sea
We stay in Dubrovnik;
Jam stained t-shirts
Picturesque beaches
Marble floors,
Mostly tourists with too many umbrellas
Thailand, 2011   
Phi Phi Don Island; gorgeous, leafy, green
Hair: Curly, wild, unruly -- locals want to touch it
Street Markets; crowded, delicious delicacies, open air restaurants, too many smells
Beaches; not allowed to swim, so we take photos of the sunset instead
Phuket Hotel; I mispronounce the name
High School: about to start two weeks after I get back
(I’m nervous)

France,  2011   
Our  names are scribbled on separate locks
We combine them and tie it to the bridge.
(At least the locks are still together)

Germany, 2012       
Christmas Markets with colourful lights are my guideline
We explore the BMW head office and wander through the streets
I study the people, the rough language, the paintings in a castle we visit
I try to record it in my journal, but there’s too much to say

The Netherlands, 2012
Anne Frank House
Madame Tussaud's
Pancake boats
Bicycle rides
Unexpected conversations with strangers
Hint of Spring is in the air
At the airport I make a wish that I could visit again.
(The next year I move here)

Switzerland, 2014
The most beautiful cottage in the mountains
Mornings spent looking out at the river
Afternoons are a mixture of shopping and exploring;
Chocolate melts on my tongue at the Lindt Factory,
I read books on the train and pay for the cable cars to take me higher
So I can take pictures of the world down below
Ice caves are much too cold for me and I experience snow for the first time
My sighs are silver mist and though I am wearing gloves my hands feel like marble
Evenings are spent clutching copious cups of coffee
Tired eyes trying to get through just “one more” chapter
The mountain winds sing me to sleep
                    Austria, 2014   
Salzburg, a dreamer’s dream come true
With flowers whose petals decorate the walls
And roots that wrap around fences
And moonlight sparkles on lakes that surround old castles
This place reminds me of the fairy-tales
My mother read to me when I was a child

Costa Rica, 2015                           
Hotels, rainforests, nature reserves -
It’s all new and exciting
Bruises stain my skin and I poke them to see if they’ll hurt as much as I think
The soft wind in the rainforest whispers as we get ready to look for sea turtles
I talk to a girl from Mexico who is an oceanographer
She tells me about the currents and how the moon affects their motion
She says she wants to visit me in Europe someday
The boys from New Jersey keep us company on night hikes
(We trade usernames on social media but most of us forget to stay in touch)
I turn 18 in a rainforest --
On my birthday they sing to me
(I don’t know what to do)
David brings in a chocolate cake
It is almost as sweet as the summer scent
Of honeysuckle leaves and pineapple trees
During lessons we learn about nature:
Protect it and it protects you
They also teach us about sustainability:
There’s not as much as we think

Belgium, 2015
The hum of the bus ride lulls me to sleep
When I woke up, we listen to the same song twice
We got lost in Antwerp and took our time finding our way back
We stumbled into allies and take photos, capturing memories we might forget next week   
Back at the hostel, too many drinks are consumed
Intoxicated sighs fill the room as intoxicated voices spill sober thoughts
(The walls in the dorm have ears and they know too much)

Love, Miah
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  1. Great! I also keep a list of places I visited and repeated, and one of places i still want to see:)


    1. Hi Lau, do you have a link to your post? I'd love to read it!