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A Weekend in Brussels, Belgium | Travel Diary

Rain jacket? Check.  Chargers? Check.  Suitcase? Check. Travel card?  Oh, shit.
I emptied my pockets and found the holographic blue transport card stuffed deep in the pockets of my winter coat. It was 12:00pm and I needed to catch the bus at 12:10pm. A five minute walk plus five extra minutes (just in case) as I can never rely on the buses in my neighborhood. I hurriedly locked my apartment door and carried my suitcase down the stairs, holding onto the railing of the staircase for dear life as I tried to balance myself and my bags. Wheeling my suitcase behind me, my heeled boots click-clacked their way to the empty bus stop. 
2 minutes to go.
The bus driver arrived, opened the doors and I hopped on. A 17 minute drive and I had arrived at Tilburg Centraal Station, where my first priority was to find a kiosk or something to purchase a hot chocolate at. I ended up buying snacks and a hot chocolate  at a local supermarket, cradling the cup in my hands and allowing the steam of each sip to make …

StyleTone April Unboxing!

Get To Know Me | Miah Ke-leigh

You've seen me write reviews, share my travel stories, study hacks, beauty products and swatches, hauls, eco-friendly purchases and cruelty-free buys. Today I'm sharing a little bit about me.



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March Favourites | Places, Books, Music & More!

March has ended and Spring has officially begun! Today I'm sharing some of the items that I've been loving throughout March; from amazing books, groovy tunes, new places and addictive TV series, here's what my March consisted of.

Watching It's no secret that I'm addicted to the internet. Aside from streaming countless Youtube Videos, reading zines and playing PacMan, I also enjoy watching a few TV series. 
How To Get Away With Murder
This is my number one show right now! My roommate is a law student and she actually got me into this. I then watched the first episode, then the second and before I knew it, I had finished the entire season. It's that good.  Not only do you have the super talented Viola Davis playing badass Professor Annalise Keating as a defense attorney with some really interesting cases, but the rest of the cast are just as enjoyable to watch. Each character has their own story, and almost everyone in the show has a secret. You may recognize a few f…