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Cape Town, Here's Why I Love You

I moved to Cape Town  when I was six after living in Robertson. This was shortly after my parents got married. In Cape Town, I moved three times, to be exact. The first house we stayed in was in the navy area of Simon's Town. My father worked in shipping at the time. The houses were in a little dollhouse formation; symmetrical and perfectly opposite to one another, churches, sports fields and stores all within a reasonable distance.  I remember the house; the wooden front door would lead you into the spacious kitchen area that lead you into the dining room and the living room with a fireplace we often sat in front of in winter, watching soap operas and dipping bread into soup. My bedroom was still mine at the time; scattered with toys, scrap paper I wrote stories on and dolls who I would give funky haircuts to. The bathroom was a light blue and the house had an ocean theme to it; seashells in frames, ceramic anchor decorations and blue tablecloths. We were so close to the sea that…

The Restless Times | Personal Update ☆

Dear readers, 

For the past few months I've been involved in an exciting new project. I came across The Restless Times through a blog called Seafoaming, written by an online friend Abby Strangward, whom I featured on my blog a few months ago. Abby introduced me to Darcy, the editor of The Restless Times and soon, I was hopping on board along with a few other girls. 

We write, we edit, we photograph, we design and we create. We stay in touch through Instagram messages, emails and some of us are even pen-pals as we stay in touch through post. We are a team, but most importantly, we have become friends. There are 20 of us now and we're from all over the world.

Everything we've written is real, raw and uncensored. We speak about various topics concerning the earth, our society and art. In this issue, we've written about art mediums like dance, why saving the bees is crucial to our existence, rape culture, climate change and what we can do about it, social norms, autho…

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette | Review

What did you think of this review? Do you own any Too Faced products? Let me know!


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Collective Spring Haul | Journals, Makeup & Post Cards!

It's safe to say that it is Spring; flowers are blooming, pastels are back in fashion, Spring Break videos have been created and for some, Prom and Exam season are fast approaching. I on the other hand, have been taking it rather easy. Well, to an extent. You might already know that I was in Dublin earlier in April so I was super busy then. The week after that, my boyfriend and I traveled to Belgium so while I've kind of been on a little holiday almost the entire April, I've been a little stressed with assignments, traveling and running countless errands. In the meantime, I've been collecting a few items which turned out to be a lot more now that I'm actually writing a blog post about them. Some items were purchased in Dublin, others in Brussels and the remaining from clothing or makeup stores here in the Netherlands.


Postcards I was a little enthusiastic when I saw all the souvenir stores in both Brussels and Dublin. In Dublin I purchased two postcards at I…