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Collective Spring Haul | Journals, Makeup & Post Cards!

It's safe to say that it is Spring; flowers are blooming, pastels are back in fashion, Spring Break videos have been created and for some, Prom and Exam season are fast approaching. I on the other hand, have been taking it rather easy. Well, to an extent. You might already know that I was in Dublin earlier in April so I was super busy then. The week after that, my boyfriend and I traveled to Belgium so while I've kind of been on a little holiday almost the entire April, I've been a little stressed with assignments, traveling and running countless errands. In the meantime, I've been collecting a few items which turned out to be a lot more now that I'm actually writing a blog post about them. Some items were purchased in Dublin, others in Brussels and the remaining from clothing or makeup stores here in the Netherlands.


The first item I want to share is this gorgeous Perstan Splendor Journal which was purchased at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, or IMMA, in Dublin. It's large, lined and absolutely stunning - perfect for blog ideas, poetry and little reminders.
The second "journal" I purchased was a 30 Colour Page Scrapbook from the Flying Tiger, also in Dublin. A rectangular notebook with different coloured pages, it's great to save memories in.

I was a little enthusiastic when I saw all the souvenir stores in both Brussels and Dublin. In Dublin I purchased two postcards at IMMA. 

The first is this one with a mustard background, showing a hand dangling a disco ball. I thought it was super groovy and would look great with the rest of my collection.
The second postcard, also purcashed at IMMA, is a text written in a kindergarten font that reads 'Never Stop Lurning'. I thought it was rad so of course I had to get it.

The third and last postcard features a naked lady with Tinder symbols above her head. Again, hilarious.  I bought this one at a souvenir store in Brussels, called Avec Plaizier.


My friend Heleen and I popped into Boots while waiting for our flight in Dublin. We browsed through a couple of makeup aisles and I stumbled across the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lipstick in 'Choccoberry'. I absolutely adore it and think it's a perfect vibrant colour for Spring.
Also purchased in Dublin, my heart skipped a beat as I walked into Debenhams. I was keen on purchasing something from Too Faced, so when I saw that the Sweet Peach Palette was still in stock. A variety of18 shades, smells like peaches and has a built in mirror - what more could you want? Review coming soon!

The next stop I made was at Kiko Milano here in Tilburg. I purchased the Rebel Bouncy Blush in 'Passion Red Wine' and Fusion Lipstick in 'Smart. The blush is so pigmented, soft to the touch and I love the purple and gold packaging!

As for the lipstick, if you're a light-skinned girl like me, this may be the perfect nude for you, though I can guarantee that it would suit every skin tone. It's a creamy formula, glossy without being extra (unless you like that, which in that case, it is also buildable). It's long-lasting and is definitely a go-to lip product for me.

Douglas recently opened a NYX section and I was so excited to see it! I purchased the Lid Lingerie in 'New Romance', which is essentially an eye tint. It's easy to apply and blend due to the doe applicator and leaves a pearly finish. Pros include it being good for the price, looking stunning on and it being versatile as it can also act as a base for eyeshadows. The only problem is that it fades quickly, which is a pity as the collection of lid lingeries are stunning.
I also got my hands on the NYX Intense Butter Gloss in 'Chocolate Crepe'. Not much to say except I love how lightweight, glossy and long-lasting this product is. Besitos!

I also popped into Claire's as I've really been loving hair bows. I purchased this white lace bow, super girly and easy to dress up!
That's it for my Spring Haul so far! I've been changing a lot and expanding my interests, so I'm excited for you to see what's next.

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  1. I love the lip shades that you got! Hope you enjoyed your holidays 😚

    1. Thank you! I did, sorry for the late reply!


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