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Can One Person Really Make A Difference?

There is strength in numbers. A lot of people make more progress in a short amount of time - but that doesn't mean that one individual isn't helping at all, nor does it give anyone the right to discourage their efforts, especially if all they're doing is complaining about something they have the power to change. That on its own is a privilege. 

Today I'm talking about three topics; veganism, minimalists and zero waste lifestyles. 

At some point in my life, I've attempted all of them.

I was vegan for six weeks in 2016. I was curious and wanted to try it out. It was difficult - coming from a culture where meat is a staple in every meal and considered the sole source of protein, I'd often make a mistake by forgetting being vegan doesn't mean that you don't consume animals or animal by products, but it's an actual lifestyle (unless you choose to just pin-point it to your diet). There's so much  more that goes into it, for example, not buying leather, w…