Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Introducing NEBU ✰

Today I'm adding two actual goddesses to the music section of #TheCreativeYouth*. Faith and Octavia are a duo called NEBU from South Africa and needless to say, they inspire me; their positive vibes, how they both embrace themselves and make their voices heard - and not just through music.

I recently had the opportunity to have a chat with the girls of NEBU. Here's what Octavia and Faith have to say about their musical journey, who they are as individuals and what they aspire to be together. 

Miah Ke-leigh (MK): Who are you as individuals and how did you decide to become a duo?

Octavia: I'm Octavia Oftense Louw. I'm a queen. A lover and a creator that lives to tell truth through her art.

Faith: I'm Faith Smal. I'm everything that I believed I wasn't two months ago and I'm a dreamer.

NEBU: So, we met through our mothers sense of motherhood. My mom (Faith) would drop Octavia off at pre-school and pick her up and of course, as the cool kid (Faith) I was in the combi. So, apparently I would scare and intimidate Octavia with my fake smiles but after a while we just became friends and have always been around each other, until recently we've become spiritually and musically aligned together.

MK: You call yourselves NEBU, what does that mean and why did you choose that name for your duo? Has music always been a passion and do you practice other forms of art ie poetry, writing, dancing, acting?
Octavia & Faith: At first our group name was "AHAVA" which is the Jewish word for "love". We then tried to start the AHAVA page but Facebook wouldn't accept it so we decided to look for names separately. Faith found NEBU and saw it was a ancient Egyptian symbol for Gold and we had both been thinking about collaborating gold in our name. It was described as indestructible and heavenly, so we thought that is perfect for our name. We literally changed the name a few seconds into creating the page.

Octavia: I do like and practice other forms of art. In particular, writing, rapping, poetry I think I just express whatever I feel. I mean, I always dance but I'm not a dancer. It is who I am naturally.

Faith: I write as well. Majority of the time I'm trying to learn more chords and progressions on guitar - like Octavia said, art is everything.  

MK: Has music always been your passion?
Octavia: Yes, I feel free enough to express it now.
Faith: Yes, I taught myself guitar and was just drawn to music too.

MK:  What do you do in your spare time? 
Octavia: Hang out with Faith, meditate, create, get high. Whatever I want to do. Climb mountains. Chill with the fam.

Faith: Hang out with Octavia, go to the beach, clean - a very good stress reliever - and irritate my dad. Chill with my fam and climb mountains. We sound so similar because we're together a lot. 

MK: What do you want to achieve with NEBU? 
Octavia and Faith: We want to be able to tell truths, influence and inspire our generation to connect with themselves and to believe. We're trying to change the world. Period.  


MK: Any words of encouragement? 
Octavia & Faith: Trust your gut even if the world is telling you that to be successful and happy, you need to live a certain lifestyle. Find the people who will rise with you and open your eyes. Go chill in the mountains. Drink green tea. Stand your ground and believe in yourself. You are a powerful being.

*The CreativeYouth section consists of people under 30 years old from all over the world who simply create. From illustrators, to fashion designers, photographers and makeup artists, Faith and Octavia are the latest additions to the music section. 

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  1. I love that! Your gonna change world! Keep going ☺️☺️☺️

  2. It was amazing to read this article 🙌 I'm gonna check them out & see what they do, sounds good 🙈😍

  3. You girls will go a long way! Keep inspiring!

  4. Octavia. Im proud.