Monday, 31 July 2017

Mini Haul Series | The Body Shop

I'm excited to introduce a brand new section to my blog called the Mini Haul Series, where I share a small number of items I've purchased. These items can and will consist of anything from makeup, skincare, stationery, home decor and more! Today I'm kicking it off with a mini skincare haul from The Body Shop! 

The Body Shop South Africa recently had a sale, so over the weekend I picked up three products over the weekend when I popped in to see what was on special. 
The first product I purchased is something I've been wanting for a while now, and that is a cruelty-free eye makeup remover. I usually just use facial wipes and then continue with my regular skincare routine. The eye makeup remover is the Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover and on the packaging it states it is suitable for sensitive skin and contains camomile extract. I have yet to try this out but I'll definitely do a follow-up post in a winter skincare routine. Camomile is great for your skin, regardless if it is sensitive or not as it gently cleanses and soothes the skin - excellent for thin skin such as the skin on your eyes.
Next I purchased the Coconut Lip Butter to keep my lips smooth and soft when I return to the Netherlands. I'm currently in South Africa for the next month but it'll be autumn when I go back so I've gotten a head-start on my winter skincare routine as it's winter in South Africa right now. The Coconut Lip Butter stood out to me as coconut extract is incredibly hydrating, nourishing and smells divine. Nobody likes chapped lips, especially not in winter so this little pot is a lifesaver during the colder months.
The last product I bought is the Mango Hand Cream. Hand creams are a daily essential for me, I always keep one in my bag and use them often, especially after washing my hands as I despise the feeling of dry hands. Not only does hand cream benefit your hands by keeping them moisturized and hydrated, but it keeps skin looking and feeling smooth as well as reduces signs of aging due to the moisture balance. I like this one as it has a light, fruity scent which is great because you can personalize it using what you like.  

Did you like the first of my mini haul series and do you own any of these products? What else would you like to see? Let me know in the comments!
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  1. Need to try something from The Body Shop & I think that this coconut lip butter will be the first one 🙈😍 I love these new series, can't wait to read more❤

  2. I love bodyshop! The chamomile makeup remover sounds amazing!

  3. Love this, please do more 😊

  4. This is a great idea! And hmmmm, I think I need to try that lip butter.

  5. The coconut lip butter sounds amazing! Love anything Coconut :)

  6. How do you get along with the lip balm? I have the same, I bought it for winter when I get really dry lips but I was actually quite disappointed. My lips were even worse after use, hopefully it goes better for you!

    1. I adore the lip balm, it worked quite well for me! Maybe you should opt for shea butter xx