Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Unboxing The Body Shop Premium Strawberry Collection!

I've done numerous posts about The Body Shop before, and today I'm unboxing a whole collection! How exciting is that?! The collection I am unboxing is the Premium Strawberry collection. Described as 'Fruity, smoothing and softening', this is a box filled with body products that are (obviously) all strawberry scented. I received this as a gift (thanks mom!) and loved all the little bits and bobs in it. 

 The items come in a big red cardboard box with a green ribbon, tying it up like a Christmas present. It is labelled 'Good Things Inside' in a bold white font and I absolutely adore the packaging. 
 I loved opening the box for the first time; the smell of strawberries was unreal! The box contains five full sized products which are all very neatly organized in the box. 

The products consist of a Shower Gel (250ml), a Body Butter (200ml), a Body Polish or scrub (75ml), a Body Mist (100ml) and a Hand Cream (30ml)

Pictured from left to right: Shower gel, body scrub, body butter, hand lotion, body mist. 

I've been a die-hard fan of body butters from The Body Shop. I've tried out various scents before such as Coconut, Shea and Mango and I've loved them all. They come in a little tub with a screw-off lid. The consistency is lovely; it's super easy to rub into the skin and I prefer doing so after a shower so that the moisture really gets locked in. Not only do you smell pretty amazing, but your skin is getting nourished, too! For some, the scent may be overwhelming but I quite like it. I would definitely suggest using these products one or two at a time and not all at once, otherwise you might get a headache if it's too sweet for you! 

I've never tried out a body scrub from The Body Shop before, but as far as I know they work fairly well. However, I've just heard this through the grapevine, so I'm not entirely sure. I don't particularly like scented scrubs but I'm willing to give this a try and will most likely do a follow-up post!

Hand creams are an absolute must for me! I use them daily after I've washed dishes, washed my hands or just if my hands need a little TLC. I love this one as it's super hydrating and is a fresh little pick-me-up! 

A sucker for fruity shower gels, yes I am. I'm quite a fan of this product and would recommend just one squeeze of the product due to the strong scent. It smells oh-so-good and leaves my bathroom smelling like some sort of fruity bakery. It doesn't foam up much which is something I look for due to having oily skin, but it definitely gets in there and gets the job done!

The last product is the body mist. I've used body mists in the past but haven't finished one yet, so I'm not opening this one for use just yet. However, I have taken a whiff of it and it smells yummy! That's something that I like with this range, although the scent is similar, it's not heavy. In fact, it's incredibly lightweight and like a makeup product, one can build it up. 

For now the only product I am definitely using is the hand cream and it's pure heaven as my hands are silky soft! I'm saving the other products for when I need to start using them, as I have products such as body lotions and body mists that need to be used before I open new ones. 

What do you think of The Body Shop? Do you have this collection or any of these products individually? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. You had me at 'strawberry collection' 🍓 must get myself one!

  2. Need this in my life!🙈😍

  3. This is a essential for my life.