Monday, 25 September 2017

A Youtube Channel & Changing The Blog | Personal Update

Hello, friends! 

This is just a very short update to let you know that I've finally decided to start my very own Youtube Channel. I must admit, I'm not sure how consistent I'll be in actually posting, but I've filmed and edited quite a bit recently and those of you who have seen what I've created seem to like it so far. My Youtube channel is not a space to talk about beauty, skincare, etc. It's going to be a visual journal of my life and the memories I capture as I live them. Of course, I'll share a few beauty related things on there, but beauty will be far from the main focus. I've created a few videos, so be sure to subscribe to my channel and comment any videos you'd like to see if you haven't yet! 

Additionally, my blog will be changing too! While I adore makeup and sharing that interest with you, serious topics need to be addressed, especially the topics that the media is refusing to mention. We're still going to keep things light and fun, with a beauty post here and a travel post there, but again, I'm looking forward to transitioning this space completely; I'm growing and my interests are expanding and I'd like for this blog to do that as well. Thank you for sticking around, I appreciate you all and I hope you're doing well!

Latest Youtube Video // Eindhoven & A Mini Fall Haul 


 f o l l o w


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