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72 Hours in Belgium!

A Future With No Language Barriers?

Language is crucial to our existence. Our voices vary in tone, sounds, depth and pitch. For some, our hands are our narrators and they punctuate each sentence with a gesture. We understand one another through language, it tells a story of where we might come from, our accents often a compass to direct others in pinpointing which geographical location we might be from.  For years, there have been people who wish they could speak, or at least, understand every language spoken on earth. According to the 2012 edition of The Guinness Book of World Records, Lebanese born Ziad Fazah holds the current title and world record for being able to speak the most number of languages. Labelled as a polyglot, this Liberian-born Lebanese man is able to read and speak 58 languages, including Polish, Norwegian, Arabic, Thai and various others. But what would happen if the world no longer needed to learn a language? What if you could simply speak?
The ILI device is a small, portable language translation d…

Other Girls Are Not Your Competition

You and I have both seen it; those memes of girls praising each other  in pictures with the caption "me vs you because we're both queens" because we're finally realizing that we need to start supporting one another. Yeah, those pictures. They've started circulating the net and only recently has it become, dare I say it,  popular to actually support a fellow human being. A ridiculous statement, sure, as it is something that shouldn't need to go viral in order for us to treat one another like actual people, yet here we are in 2017, tagging our fellow girlfriends in memes to remind them what 'boss bitches', 'queens' and 'goddesses' they are. But, why now? Why has it taken us so long to realize that other women are not our competition? 
The male gaze is prominent. I'm sure many (straight) females can back me up on this one by saying that one of the biggest reasons girls tear each other down is because if one guy, or even multiple guys, …

EcoTools Smokey Eye Essential Brush Set Review

I was gifted this EcoTools Six Piece Smokey Eye Essential Set and decided to share my thoughts. I'm curious to try out more items from this brand, as I've recently learned more about them. I'm happy that the that the brand is entirely eco-friendly and that the products are sustainable and some are even made from recycled materials. For example, the brush handles on the set I am showing you today is made entirely out of renewable bamboo!

The brush set contains six different brushes and a mini cosmetic bag. The brushes consist of a large shadow brush, an angled crease brush, a petite shading brush, a liner smudge brush and an eyeliner brush. What I love about the brushes is that they're labelled, making it perfect for beginners. 

A large shadow brush is typically used to apply shadow onto the lid and blend out. The angled crease brush aids in defining, really making your eyes pop by adding drama and depth. The petite eye shading brush is useful for adding an additional col…