Sunday, 5 November 2017

☆ The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution: Hit or Miss?

I've been on the hunt for a daily serum that will not only hydrate my skin but also help combat problems. I was looking for something to help with redness, oiliness and to clean my skin after I've cleansed and toned. A few days ago, I popped into The Body Shop. While I was tempted to purchase the tea tree oil, especially since so many bloggers are raving about how oils are clearing up their skin, I decided to buy the Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution instead because I wanted to try something new. It contains purified tea tree oil (a key ingredient aside from aloe vera, caffeine and chamomile) in my skincare routine and it's suitable for blemished skin.

The Body Shop's Anti Imperfection Daily Solution

The packaging is very clean cut and I love that everything is recyclable. The solution is packed in a small white cardboard box. I personally love this as it goes well with the colour scheme of my room (as I like to keep some items on display and not in my bathroom, given I share with my roommates). Additionally, the glass bottle inside is a dark green and contains a dropper from which the solution is released. I apply this every morning after my shower and some evenings after I've washed my face.

The packaging of the solution

The pros and cons of this were fairly easy to spot within the first week of using the product. Pros include the price as it is great for 50ml (14) and is sure to last you a while. The packaging is recyclable and the product is cruelty-free, two pros which mean a lot to me personally. The product definitely seeps into your skin and gets rid of any impurities within the first month of using, but it is also a con as within the first two weeks, I experienced a breakout. My skin is oily, but I barely have breakouts. After the first two weeks, my skin went back to normal but I noticed it was a bit dehydrated and that is probably because the product also contains alcohol, something I totally forgot to check. I think there's not enough tea tree oil in here, so currently this product is unfortunately a miss for me.

Overall, I'll probably continue using the product throughout the month of November as it might just be my skin clearing itself out. Though it does dry my skin out sometimes, I've noticed that darker marks have faded so perhaps it is helping somehow. I'm not totally going to discard the product nor quit using it just yet as I want to see if there will be any positive changes. Have you tried this product before? What did you think? Let me know in the comments down below!



  1. I have to try their products!! Everyone tells they are great! ☺️☺️

  2. Honestly I'm not using products on my face. The only thing I use is a diy tonic just to help me with my acne plus my oily skin. But this product looks good & makes me wanna try it😋😊

  3. I'm on a hunt for a serum too! Would you recommend it for someone with an oily skin?

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