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Why Zero Waste Is Important To Me

You might be wondering where this idea came from and it's all thanks to a truly inspiring woman named Bea Johnson, or as you may already know, the creator of Zero Waste Home. I discovered her Youtube Channel about two years ago after a trip to Costa Rica where I learned about sustainability within the Leatherback Sea Turtle population and after that trip, I wanted to be more sustainable in my every day life. After finding Bea, I came across the zero waste community and was so  moved after watching a TED talk given by Lauren Singer from Trash Is For Tossers. I did everything I could to understand the lifestyle.

I have a lot of shit I don't need - that's a given. Upon discovering all of this information regarding zero waste, I realized just how much I didn't need. I started selling, donating, repairing. Writing a grocery list to avoid impulse purchases. Becoming aware of my plastic consumption; using tote bags for grocery shopping, recycling cardboard and the some plasti…