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Roman Holiday | Guest Post by Dunja Jovanović ☆

How good has your new year started, from 0 until you spent it in your dream city? When the clock struck 12, I was watching fireworks on Piazza del popolo in Rome, sipping my drink hearing 'Auguri! Auguri!' everywhere around me.

My year couldn't have started better. 

Even if I wasn't staying during the holidays, I could still comfortably name this article 'Roman Holiday'. The atmosphere was magical - there were Christmas decorations everywhere, as well as orange trees (with oranges in December and January); the weather was warm and sunny as it was Spring.  Everyone spoke the language I love and study. We would have Nutella toast and have the most perfect cappacino for breakfast, see so many beautiful things that I could barely process them all and finish our day only after we walked for about 20km (no, that's not a typo). We felt the pain in our legs only by the end of the day - we were too busy discovering, wandering around and being stunned. The center of Ro…

Introducing Elysian Haze | Guest Post by Drina Seager ☆

My mind is a mess; a whirlwind, a storm. It's full of ideas and projects I'd like to complete, thoughts and  emotions I can't quite control yet and it's running too fast for me to put anything on paper.  Maybe it's the music I listen to, maybe it's where I live, maybe it's just me. 

Living about an hour away from practically everything on a small country farm means it's hard to get to places. I've felt trapped and too young for my soul. Everything I want to do isn't where I live, it's been almost impossible. But luckily, things are finally changing - I can feel it coming. 

My name is Alexandrina Seager and I created Elysian Haze out of a spur of emotions.  I was restless, my cheeks were red and tear-stained, my heart ached and I felt alone.  I then created the name and an idea; nothing more, nothing less. I'm not sure why I did, as  I already had a blog, The Warmhearts, not to mention the countless blogs I've created and deleted  over the years.…

☆ Are The ABH Glow Kits Worth The Money?! ☆

I love highlighters, and I love Anastasia Beverly Hills, so when my I received this as a gift for my 20th birthday I was over the moon.  I couldn't wait to play with it and try out the different colours. Despite being excited about the product, I had also heard a few negative reviews and wanted to see what it was like for myself, which is why I'm sharing my honest opinion with you.

Packaging The palette is the third and darkest addition to the ABH Glow Kit collection and it is called Sun Dipped. Like the other palettes That Glow and Gleam, Sun Dipped comes in a sleek square-like packaging where the products are placed in four individual pans. Unfortunately the palette comes without a mirror, which is a pity as it would have been super handy for application.
Product & Swatches  Each of the shades are beyond pigmented and the colours are so pretty!  I think they'd definitely pop more on girls with a tanned skin or a darker skin tone because as mentioned before, it's t…

My Zero Waste Food Starter Kit! [1/4] ☆

Hey folks! Today I'm sharing what my zero waste starter kit for food consists of. These are all eco-friendly and sustainable ways to avoid plastic, save money, conserve food and hacks to save food as well. The next three posts will all be dedicated to zero waste food. From market hauls, how to shop zero waste at the grocery store, ways to save money and ways to implement zero waste changes into your daily life, I've got you covered.

The first item are these silicone food 'containers'. They are different sized silicone molds to store various foods after they've been cut up. For example, there are molds for halves of avocados, kiwis, bananas, apples etc. This helps the food to last longer as it keeps the produce fresh for a longer time and means I don't have to throw anything away.

The second item is a bamboo cutlery kit, designed for traveling. As someone who travels often, I know how easy it is to give in to disposable cutlery - use once and throw away, that'…