Monday, 29 January 2018

Introducing Elysian Haze | Guest Post by Drina Seager ☆


My mind is a mess; a whirlwind, a storm.
It's full of ideas and projects I'd like to complete, thoughts and 
emotions I can't quite control yet and it's running too fast for me to put anything on paper. 
Maybe it's the music I listen to, maybe it's where I live, maybe it's just me. 

Living about an hour away from practically everything on a small country farm
means it's hard to get to places. I've felt trapped and too young for my soul. Everything
I want to do isn't where I live, it's been almost impossible. But luckily, things
are finally changing - I can feel it coming. 

My name is Alexandrina Seager and I created Elysian Haze out of a spur of emotions. 
I was restless, my cheeks were red and tear-stained, my heart ached and I felt alone. 
I then created the name and an idea; nothing more, nothing less. I'm not sure why I did, as 
I already had a blog, The Warmhearts, not to mention the countless blogs I've created and deleted 
over the years. Nothing has ever stuck. It's as though my previous blogs have been somewhere where I'm searching
for myself and whenever I noticed a change I had to start again. It makes sense as I originally started blogging as
a way to escape my reality. I was struggling. 

Elysian Haze is already close to my heart. 
The word itself, 'elysian', means beautiful and creative; divinely inspired, peaceful and perfect.
Now imagine a dreamy haze using Elysian to describe it - that's Elysian haze. 
With a team currently made up of my cousin, my
best friend and myself, we're not going to sugar coat life. 

We're going to show you the real deal; mistakes, imperfections and the world
through our eyes. 
Mixtapes, adventures, photography, thoughts, muses, art, lifestyle, inspiration, guides, wellness, activism...I guess you 
could say we've got it all but written in our own unique style. Real, raw and authentic.

There's something about the idea of starting fresh that I love.
This is why we decided to launch Elysian Haze on the first day of 2018. Elysian Haze is here to stay. 
It's here to captivate, it's here to inspire.
Full of everything I love, full of everything we love. 

It's a space to collaborate, to share your thoughts and to voice your opinion. 
I'm an extremely passionate person and I hope to portray that through
the words I write and share on Elysian Haze. 
I'm finding new things to be passionate about almost daily. 
However, my biggest passions are 
photography, writing, the ocean, creating, health expression, learning and the environment. 
I absolutely love photography. 

I fell in love with it in early 2017
and now I'm continuing to learn new things and new ways of expressing myself through the simple capture of a moment. 
I love to write - that's why I blog. 
I wanted to be an author when I was younger and I have so many unfinished stores. 
Regarding the ocean, there is something about her that just calms me. 
I care deeply for her and will yell at you for using something that may or may not pollute her. 

I love to create. I love to inspire others to create.

 It's a small passion but one I will continue with.
My latest passion, I guess you could say. I've started taking note on my mental and physical health .
as it's important. Expression is pretty similar to creating. 
I love to express myself, I love to give others the ability to express themselves. 
Education is important, I'm constantly wanting to learn new things, I want to be able to share that with you. 
I care for the environment, we should all care for the environment. 

Does any of that even make sense? 

 I feel like I ramble way too much.

This is who I am, this is what Elysian Haze will be. 

I'm just a forever changing teenager living in South Australia who has dreams that I'm planning

on carrying out no matter how messy things get. 
I'm someone who has trust issues but will tell my life story if someone else asks. 
I'm someone who wants the best for people and will always put others first. 
I'm someone who will have an argument with you over nothing. 
I'm someone who hopes to inspire others.

That's why I created Elysian Haze.


  1. I also love to write, it is theraputic and I feel like you can tell wonderful stories with the voice you create and transfer people to different places.

  2. That's such a beautifully written post. I've only created one blog but I can understand why the author has deleted and created different blogs throughout the years. I hope this one sticks though!

  3. May people find true inspiration through you. Good luck and more power to Elysian Haze!

  4. It's nice to meet you. I look forward to seeing alot more from you.

  5. Good luck on Elysian Haze ... I hope you all will be able to achieve everything you’ve hoped for in this blog. ☺️

  6. It sounds like you have really thought about what you want to do with your blog, how you want to make it different, how you want to stand out from the crowd.

  7. Blogging is a great outlet for emotions! Good luck on your journey, creating and cultivating your online space <3

  8. I think that’s wonderful to express yourself love it! Inspiring and keep it up.

  9. I loved this blog post, its so poetic! I cant wait to hear more about Elysian Haze.

  10. You are a good photographer. Elysian your name really fit you well according to the meaning that you gave. I can see your passion. It is obvious that you have big dreams and a great plan to accomplishing them. Stick to you plan and it will all happen for you.

  11. Congratulations on your blog, it sounds like it will be amazing - and your photography is gorgeous.

  12. Your photography looks pretty wonderful and it is great you now have a place to share that, and your thoughts too.